Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 6: Applause (Lady Gaga Commentary)

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#VevoCertified Part 6: Applause (Lady Gaga Commentary)
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The Life of Melanie Banks
The Life of Melanie Banks Hace 3 meses
She explained this shit perfectly I’m in loveeee with her....
The Life of Melanie Banks
The Life of Melanie Banks Hace 3 meses
Applause is my favorite song & video from GAGA... Sge is fucking sicknen here!!! I live for the Applauseee
Violet luna
Violet luna Hace 10 meses
Makarios Petlya
Makarios Petlya Hace 11 meses
Today is 6 years applause!! 👏
Chris Avila
Chris Avila Hace 11 meses
happy birthday applause ❤️❤️
Joh Jzhs
Joh Jzhs Hace un año
Yugvijay Hace un año
Every sentence is great. She such a wise and talented artist.
nat Hace un año
she's so perfect yo
فيصل ال سعود
فيصل ال سعود Hace 2 años
Love you Lady gaga
nieźle Hace 2 años
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace 2 años
12th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 482 481 Views 11 118 Likes 237 Dislikes 374 Comments
Γιώργος Καραμπέτσος
Γιώργος Καραμπέτσος Hace 2 años
jenn gonzalez
jenn gonzalez Hace 2 años
I love her talking voice ❤️
Chris Motha Fuken Patterson
Chris Motha Fuken Patterson Hace 2 años
Thank you so much gaga. When u stated about the handbra and you wanted to help your fans to make costumes without breaking the bank brought a tear to my eye. I remember your first tour to Cleveland and I made my own costume I ended up making best dressed for Lady Virgin website and brought my self-esteem up so high and every gear after I kept making websites and even the news by expressing my creativity. Love you Gaga and will always support you.
Giselle Yanez
Giselle Yanez Hace 3 años
The way she talks about her music and videos is simply beautiful. She's definitely the best & most influential.
Jay [Justin] H.
Jay [Justin] H. Hace 3 años
Gaga is Intelligent Gaga is super talented Gaga is creative Gaga is wild Gaga is artsy Gaga is a unique Gaga is amazing Gaga is the legend!
Jay [Justin] H.
Jay [Justin] H. Hace 3 años
I absolutely adore this woman! She's a true fucking legend!
Oscar Atlas
Oscar Atlas Hace 3 años
She's so smart
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace 3 años
12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 452 732 Views 10 472 Likes 220 Dislikes 427 Comments
wobina Hace 3 años
I would love to see this commentary for every single song she made
faisal Naeem
faisal Naeem Hace 3 años
Como esta lady.
Shimarah Mitzuki
Shimarah Mitzuki Hace 3 años
Tina Hace 3 años
I am still waiting for part two of Telephone.
Alexander Carey
Alexander Carey Hace 3 años
she's pretty
merlin konda
merlin konda Hace 3 años
June Kent
June Kent Hace 3 años
i cant what for her next albem # 2017
Romana De Bruyne
Romana De Bruyne Hace 3 años
The last part of this video... She really knows how to describe herself - you can only love her for that.
Jed Mayo
Jed Mayo Hace 3 años
fruit bat
fruit bat Hace 3 años
Fuck me
Andrea Ribeiro
Andrea Ribeiro Hace 3 años
Brasil 2016?
Ross Williams
Ross Williams Hace 3 años
A pale imitation of Bowie.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Hace 4 años
I use to be a BIG fan of Lady Gaga. Until I saw her in her music videos when I was a younger kid and I thought she was a pervert after that and I still do. Also found out she's a hypocrite. But at least it wasn't as worse as what happened Miley Cyrus... after that I gave up my dream of singing and dressing and whatever, and I did something else...
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Hace 3 años
+HeY Table also sorry if it looks like a rant LOL I just get to into writing something XD
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Hace 3 años
+HeY Table I didn't rant about it and I didn't say a hated her or anything. I just have an opinion, like your opinion of how you think it stupid :)
Froofroo Dabouifoubebe
Froofroo Dabouifoubebe Hace 3 años
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Hace 4 años
well most of her music videos are somewhat "ok".
Danitza Bel
Danitza Bel Hace 4 años
vine por nury jimenez. quien mas😂😂😂
Jhosua Vevo
Jhosua Vevo Hace 4 años
applause applause
Vevo Gag
Vevo Gag Hace 4 años
Cat Gag
Cat Gag Hace 4 años
Chuy Islas
Chuy Islas Hace 4 años
Gustavo Audon
Gustavo Audon Hace 4 años
Lady Gaga is the best singer in the whole world. She made a more artistic world and she did it with love
stupidLovehoe15 Hace 4 años
that is gaga
Josiah Trelawny
Josiah Trelawny Hace 4 años
Noooooo really?
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino Hace 4 años
You changed a lot
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino Hace 4 años
Your not lady gaga
Haylen Q13
Haylen Q13 Hace 4 años
Is anyone here a little monster like me
Nelodax Hace 4 años
Jonny Setzler
Jonny Setzler Hace 4 años
Wait I just thought of this: is the broken doll leg supposed to represent her broken hip? And she carries it with the flowers to like say "yeah this brought me down but I'm back"
Teresa black
Teresa black Hace 4 años
i love love lady gaga ❤ for ever ever
Future King
Future King Hace 4 años
My Life is an unfinished Art Piece. Love that closing.
Saleem Hace 4 años
Lady gaga Trinidad 🇹🇹🇹🇹
Benito Martinez
Benito Martinez Hace 4 años
This era could've been so legendary in all the right ways
Alisha Fairbairn
Alisha Fairbairn Hace 4 años
This really opened my eyes to the meaning of the videos she makes, I have always loved her music, and her videos just as much but i always wanted to know what was the meaning behind them, and now I have it. Thank you Gaga, I love you xo
Шура Мэн
Шура Мэн Hace 4 años
I love you...very mach. I am Rushaar/// you как хер знат как по инглиш ёё
Danilo dos Reis
Danilo dos Reis Hace 4 años
A broken doll genious!
SuperCar Hace 4 años
I loved this commentary ♡ "The Tortured Artist", ah, that spoke to me. Gaga is definitely one of my favorite artists. She's incredibly talented, and I love that she admires the greats before her ❤
Charlye'Charleston Hace 4 años
She didn't talk about my favourite outfit =( This video is everything btw!
Clyde X
Clyde X Hace 4 años
can't wait to see what she comes up with next #GAGA2016
Daniel Hace 4 años
LG5 would be an EPIC album !
Elena Yordanova
Elena Yordanova Hace 4 años
Емил Димитров
Monster Hanna
Monster Hanna Hace 4 años
My favorite Gaga video with my favorite Gaga song. I just love them both for some reason.
Clementine Pelletier
Clementine Pelletier Hace 4 años
Au lady gaga tu est vrai lady et un peu gaga aussi avant j'était fan de toi (et je t'aime bien toujours) car t'es nouveau clip quand j'étais petite je me lever de mon lit pour les regarder vers 3 heure 2 heure du matin mdr bon courage pour la suite ... .
Danilo Figueiredo
Danilo Figueiredo Hace 4 años
GAGA a legenda nega....
og mota
og mota Hace 4 años
notice the illuminati eye lol she purposely covers 1 eye through out the video
Felix V.
Felix V. Hace 4 años
og mota
og mota Hace 4 años
illuminati puppet lol see got a video exposing her satanic worship
Laiane Sousa
Laiane Sousa Hace 4 años
Gaga Tim Amor. Vc e uma diva
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia Hace 4 años
Honey..... No you are just weird lol but it's okay all the best of us are weird
T E A Y X Hace 4 años
Its art. not just random things.
itsamy.h Hace 4 años
I love how she's so unique
Raviedavie Hace 4 años
YoloAndTicTac Hace 4 años
I really wanted her to explain her head on a black swan coming out a furry egg because im so confused at that
Gisele Solanaceae
Gisele Solanaceae Hace 4 años
It was inspired by the Ugly Duckling story.
Jennifer Silverman
Jennifer Silverman Hace 4 años
+YoloAndTicTac She was talking about the whole thing having a Dutch feel right around when that was shown, so maybe that's her explanation for it XD I have no idea if there's anything culturally Dutch that could explain it though.
LittleToast Hace 4 años
I love this music vid it was amazing hope you do an another vid that's like this music video
angela/AMINA Arreola
angela/AMINA Arreola Hace 4 años
I love this song since when i watched the video of just dance. Lady Gaga's songs were very meaningful, like just what she said that she's not just one painting. she is all. sooooo..... i really love art so much that i would draw almost everyday.
Kaua Monteiro
Kaua Monteiro Hace 4 años
you is my diva lady gaga
Sherman Hace 4 años
Lady gaga is forever a legend. She changed the whole music industry Shes not afraid of anything. Shes innovative She made art into music Shes art itself. Shes everything. AMAZING
Waso YouTuber 2
Waso YouTuber 2 Hace 3 años
Sherman I
Steve Key
Steve Key Hace 3 años
+Disgust fuck u
Silver Crow
Silver Crow Hace 3 años
Silver Crow
Silver Crow Hace 3 años
who here plays halo?
John Marston
John Marston Hace 3 años
@im rick harrison and this is my pawn shop Not very often actually. I grew up with Westerns as I was raised by my grandmother, I quite enjoyed the game because there isn't many like it, and come on, the game was absolutely top of the line for it's time. The graphics still trump even some of the newer PS3 games and PS4 game graphics.
Zama Mbatha
Zama Mbatha Hace 4 años
Like but nauty
Mitchell Hawkins
Mitchell Hawkins Hace 4 años
Holy fucking shit, After hearing her at the end I just started to IMAGINE her next single, HOLY FUCK, you don't understand, I only hit a decent age when gaga released The Fame and I am able to constantly follow her albums, career and understand! I'll always be right with it when it's released and the feeling is incredible!!!
maisila1 Hace 4 años
I was like 6 when she released her first album... Lol!
Hosein Sedqi
Hosein Sedqi Hace 5 años
KlaRus Klarrisa
KlaRus Klarrisa Hace 4 años
Ruan Fabres
Ruan Fabres Hace 5 años
I love you gaga
Steeven reyes
Steeven reyes Hace 5 años
Love u gaga
Jennifer Baird
Jennifer Baird Hace 5 años
So excited to see her in ahs 😍🙌 my two favourite things 🙌💛💛
Adrian monster
Adrian monster Hace 5 años
July Martinez
July Martinez Hace 5 años
How old is she?
Teera Xo
Teera Xo Hace 4 años
@July Martinez She was 28 when she shot this video.
josephine vargas
josephine vargas Hace 5 años
I love every song you've ever made. People call me crazy for liking you you, but I don't care. Your amazing and I hope that one day I get to see you preform live.
beeto45 Hace 5 años
i remember EMINEM hating to make music videos because of all the change of disguises he had to do in just one video. but lady gaga seems to like it.
Chiara Gabrielli
Chiara Gabrielli Hace 5 años
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