Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (VEVO Presents)

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Lady Gaga performing ARTPOP live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

© 2013 Interscope

Jacky Boi
Jacky Boi Hace un día
Gaga: just mooching about, singing to her fans. Her bodyguards: hustling to follow her through the crowd😂
Kevin Panji
Kevin Panji Hace un día
i cant believe gaga invented ku klux klan
le be
le be Hace un día
Who is here 2020 ....what an artist what a song .... gaga you rule!!!
Moonchild98 Hace 2 días
people were not ready for this masterpiece
Windows On Windows
Windows On Windows Hace 3 días
It could mean anything.
Kevin Panji
Kevin Panji Hace 3 días
2.50 Lady gaga: sh*t i dont have enough space here
LaifsteVroew Hace 3 días
Everybody with their phones really makes me sad. Enjoy the fucking moment, you're not gonna watch it afterwards anyway, and there al already a thousand versions of the same show on youtube anyway.
Valentin Jomard
Valentin Jomard Hace 5 días
the moment things didn't go as well as you planned them to be 🤣3:03
NiccoLaX Busto
NiccoLaX Busto Hace 9 días
Los de seguridad no querían dejar subir al escenario a los bailarines, jaja
Rodrigo Gonçalves
Rodrigo Gonçalves Hace 10 días
SHE IS GENIOUS! Love u Gaga :)
Bruno Queiroz
Bruno Queiroz Hace 10 días
Ash raf
Ash raf Hace 11 días
She escaped from the dark web
Dushan Stojadinovic
Dushan Stojadinovic Hace 12 días
Wow ♥️👍
José Patricio Castles
José Patricio Castles Hace 12 días
many freaks love it
Benjamin Nieves
Benjamin Nieves Hace 14 días
She reminds me of the Hey Stranger guy
JG Hace 14 días
Legend has it after Milan escaped Rupaul’s basement she was transported here but unfortunately was barred entry from Chromatica because she took off her wig
Miss Giselle
Miss Giselle Hace 16 días
It aches my heart this album deserved better.. love u gaga
Meine Namen
Meine Namen Hace 17 días
Plot twist: She didn’t feel like performing and put someone else in the costume.
Giovanni Dias
Giovanni Dias Hace 21 un día
This is my authentic Lady Gaga! ❤️
Luis Neves
Luis Neves Hace 21 un día
Come to me In all your glamour and cruelty Just do that thing that you do And I’ll undress you Keep it tight Sometimes the simplest move is right The melody that you choose Can rescue you A hybrid can withstand these things My heart can beat with bricks and strings My ARTPOP could mean anything We could We could belong together ARTPOP We could We could belong together ARTPOP We could We could belong together ARTPOP ARTPOP ARTPOP Come to me With all your subtext and fantasy Just do that thing that you do In a perverse hue Lovers’ kites Are flown on beaches for public sight The color palette you choose Can profit you A hybrid can withstand these things My heart can beat with bricks and strings My ARTPOP could mean anything Could try to sell you out or I Could show you all the reasons why My ARTPOP could mean anything We could We could belong together ARTPOP We could We could belong together ARTPOP We could We could belong together ARTPOP ARTPOP ARTPOP Brushes with darkness won’t help you create your destiny of self But ARTPOP could mean anything Anything I try to sell myself But I am really laughing Because I just love the music, not the bling Music not the bling
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez Hace 21 un día
Es una tristeza saber que esas esculturas iconicas ya no existan💔💔
Rambl3On Hace 23 días
Honestly... this moment right here ... elevated my opinion of her as an artist even higher than it already was
Andri Gerasi
Andri Gerasi Hace 23 días
badri kies
badri kies Hace 24 días
Why am crazy about artpop these days ♥️🎈
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez Hace 25 días
This is so funny to me
Jade Hace 26 días
This is so chaotic lol
Sinewave Hace 28 días
She traveled from the displayed works of art to the pop stage. Her attempt to literally bring art and pop together was an uphill battle but she still managed to get there in the end. I feel like this performance served as analogy for her career.
William A
William A Hace 28 días
Bonequinho da deep web
Jens Castro
Jens Castro Hace 29 días
Drew Hace un mes
I miss this gaga
F'er MaGee
F'er MaGee Hace un mes
Get that drink off my fucken sculpture!
Nicole R. C. Viana
Nicole R. C. Viana Hace un mes
Lucas Araujo
Lucas Araujo Hace un mes
ahahhahahahahah eu amooo
Lachantya Tiggins
Lachantya Tiggins Hace un mes
The_Red Hace un mes
What's with the statues? Can someone enlighten me? Hehe.
blanca sebastian
blanca sebastian Hace 22 días
Jeff koons art sculptures. This was an art event. He created that sculpture of her. Art celebration! Artpop!
The_Red Hace un mes
Why is she walking in the crowd? Does it mean anything? I'm confused.
k dnque
k dnque Hace un mes
this album was everything... i dont understand why people hate it
Vanessa B
Vanessa B Hace un mes
David Bowie, Klaus Nomi. She come of New York. She has Talent but she isn't alone.
Juan solano
Juan solano Hace un mes
Fans in 2020?
paolo quici
paolo quici Hace un mes
Soo cool fantastic wow.
Cristian Fabricio Diaz Almendra
Cristian Fabricio Diaz Almendra Hace un mes
1:31 que le habrá pasado jajajajja
Fathi Madrane
Fathi Madrane Hace un mes
I think, you didn't know the meaning of that kind of suit in society before, when you made that song, dear Lady Gaga. 📢 # I appreciate your art!
Chan Samnang
Chan Samnang Hace un mes
Who here now are a real fan of gaga ❤️🇰🇭
Dylan M
Dylan M Hace un mes
Billie eilish: on yea I have a few weird outfits Lady gaga:haha, that’s cute.
Anna Marevskaia
Anna Marevskaia Hace un mes
Sorry but its one of the best GaGa songs. And this album is perfect
le be
le be Hace un día
Totally agree
Adauto Banks Mateo
Adauto Banks Mateo Hace 3 días
@Max Varzhapetyan oh yes mama
Max Varzhapetyan
Max Varzhapetyan Hace 6 días
Shouldn’t be sorry for the truth honey 🥂 period
LoneIy Lisa
LoneIy Lisa Hace un mes
The perfect outfit during this pandemic
_AZVDO_ Hace un mes
I love this music. ARTPOP is the best album!!
rene alexis
rene alexis Hace un mes
Mike B
Mike B Hace un mes
This dont look kkk to no one else?
Mike B
Mike B Hace un mes
Looks like the kkk💀
Cancri Uni
Cancri Uni Hace un mes
Bryan Gusty
Bryan Gusty Hace un mes
2:17 I love her
Bryan Gusty
Bryan Gusty Hace un mes
It's okay, let me just walk into the Little Monsters ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
Courtney Stewart
Courtney Stewart Hace 2 meses
Honestly, I found myself here during this pandemic! I wanna get out and live again!
Raf Hace 2 meses
the anxiety this gave me lol
jamie stephen
jamie stephen Hace 2 meses
Petri HM
Petri HM Hace 2 meses
Número 1 mundial artista única lady gaga ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lucie Rizzo
Lucie Rizzo Hace 2 meses
Those poor security gard ahah
Kandy Del Rock
Kandy Del Rock Hace 2 meses
So magic ✨👑🎶
Jack0 Trades
Jack0 Trades Hace 2 meses
Idiot security guard at 340 nearly destroyed the performance !!!
Habib Pharmacy
Habib Pharmacy Hace 2 meses
J Khalil
J Khalil Hace 2 meses
One of the best intros, rewatching it for the 6000th time.
ianisoverparty Hace 2 meses
I wonder what happened to those masterpieces by Koons.
dragon knight rules
dragon knight rules Hace 2 meses
this is art some people dont get it
strawberrymilk - Roblox
strawberrymilk - Roblox Hace 2 meses
I LIVE for the woman in the Kermit Costume XD
Po Pop
Po Pop Hace 2 meses
เบื่อยุคโควิดฟังLady gaGaสบายใจ
Samanta Mendes
Samanta Mendes Hace 3 meses
Lady gaga queen of pop 👑
Sofia A
Sofia A Hace 3 meses
Living for Milan at 2:30
Ethan Malek
Ethan Malek Hace 3 meses
Lady Gaga’s music is from another dimension
Kuchi Kopi
Kuchi Kopi Hace 3 meses
Even that crowd seem choreographed, Gaga performances are the best.
바로 Hace 3 meses
mehrnoosh ms
mehrnoosh ms Hace 3 meses
Love are the best singer in the are unique
Shayne Lin
Shayne Lin Hace 3 meses
Looking back, ARTPOP might be my favorite song from the whole album. Such an artistic masterpiece.
Romain B.
Romain B. Hace 3 meses
My next protection when i go to the sea
Lea Christine
Lea Christine Hace 3 meses
Coming here after binging her jazz videos is one hell of a trip. #justiceforartpop
Auramae Valdez
Auramae Valdez Hace 3 meses
I miss this beauty of gaga
Pedro Pimenta
Pedro Pimenta Hace 3 meses
Que humildade da parte do Zé Gotinha em comparecer a um show da Gaga
Vicky Rodz
Vicky Rodz Hace 3 meses
This was so stupid of her by putting herself in danger.... Well,what can we expect...only Gaga
asmRTPOP Hace 3 meses
me going out in public during covid
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