Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again (from A Star Is Born) (Extended Version/Official Audio)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing I'll Never Love Again. © 2018 Interscope Records

MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace un día
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace un día
Tabitha Trainor
Tabitha Trainor Hace 2 días
This song is honestly better than shallow. Like if you agree
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 2 días
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 2 días
Lene Koetz
Lene Koetz Hace 2 días
I'm crying
Jolanta K
Jolanta K Hace 2 días
Piękna i wzruszającą piosenka,pełną emocji,miłości niespełnionej
Kheyt Underson
Kheyt Underson Hace 3 días
So beautiful😢😢😢
Patricia Eloy da Costa
Patricia Eloy da Costa Hace 4 días
Amo muito essa musica!!!!!!!! Na voz dela então é algo maravilhoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie Fulford
Katie Fulford Hace 5 días
For some reason I can like mimic the ending of the song like soft low voice..idk
v.i.iozsa Hace 5 días
They always think that we are too young to feel real love and to meet our soulmates... Well this is my story: I met her when I was 20 and she was 17. We talked a while via texts and I fell for her and how tender she was. I gathered to ask her out after a while because I was so scared not to fuck the whole thing up. We went out and I got her a rose and waited for her to come... When I saw her for the first time I felt like I can breathe, like my whole life I waited for her just so I can speak and be. Suddently I was living, not just existing. I think she felt that too... She never expected to find love and love again after what her ex had done to her. How poor that bitch treated her. But I was there right in front of her. She got scared on Christmas Day and she did "run away" from me for 8 months. I said everyone that I have this gut feeling that she will come back and that I feel it with all my being... My friends told me I was obsessed and that I should get over it... To be honest I'm not so good with words and talking about what I am feeling. But somehow this song said everything my heart wanted to say about her. Now I am 22 and she is 19. She came back last spring and we started slowly. I couldn't try a new relationship with no body... all I wanted and felt was her. I love her for 2 years and we slowly with little steps take it from when we left it that Christmas. We never restart it or take it from 0, when she came back it felt like we needed that, she needed that time to be ready for what this love it is. We both know that this is going to last our whole lifes... I can't see my future without her. Even when I am mad at her and I can't bear to be in the same room with her, she is still my one and only choice in life and my only direction. I want to take my Master Degree and pop the reaaally big question... Wish me luck, guys. Thank you.
Jimin's lachimolala
Jimin's lachimolala Hace 3 días
Awww good luck 🍀
Katie Fulford
Katie Fulford Hace 6 días
I love this song so much...
Jolene Abraham
Jolene Abraham Hace 8 días
I am dancing to this song.
Sandra Hammock
Sandra Hammock Hace 8 días
Kevin Hammock
Kelly Borushynski
Kelly Borushynski Hace 9 días
*pechowa_3nastka* Hace 10 días
0:53 😭
Kim Miller
Kim Miller Hace 11 días
luis alberto hernandez jaruffe
luis alberto hernandez jaruffe Hace 12 días
you are fantastic , I saw your video with all the former presidentes of the United states ,you were mastterful, you are my favorite , i Want to meet you would it be imposible? come to Colombia ....
Fabian Gianni Benavides
Fabian Gianni Benavides Hace 12 días
I just lost my soulmate... I'm contemplating killing myself.
Edgearth Hace 7 días
Don't do that.
Olga Laurel
Olga Laurel Hace 12 días
Please supoort the music video of this song too and all songs of lady gaga
Olga Laurel
Olga Laurel Hace 12 días
Road to 82 000 000 million views
Kayleen Louise
Kayleen Louise Hace 17 días
Hi lady gaga i really want you to answer me please thats my dream and im only 9 years old
Michael Cameron
Michael Cameron Hace 20 días
Feeling this right now. I thought I'd given up once before, only to be teased with perfection - the one. And now she's gone.
Toño Fiori
Toño Fiori Hace 21 un día
Whitney Houston came to my mind!
marly wesseling
marly wesseling Hace 22 días
This song is my favroute song its so perfect and its so beautiful
Brice Gauthier
Brice Gauthier Hace 23 días
Dédicace a chris
tammy coffee
tammy coffee Hace 24 días
jorge leiva
jorge leiva Hace 25 días
Asib es lo mejor de Gaga demuestra su talento y dulzura, y letras realmente hermosas, muchas gracias 👍
Kevin Don
Kevin Don Hace 25 días
Love this song
Kyrie Thomas
Kyrie Thomas Hace 27 días
My husband passed away and never got to say goodbye
Nick Hagedoorn
Nick Hagedoorn Hace 28 días
Really I love this song very nice
Nick Hagedoorn
Nick Hagedoorn Hace 20 días
THE MISTAKE Hace 28 días
Pina Bolognini
Pina Bolognini Hace 29 días
💖 Beautiful..
Gloria Torres
Gloria Torres Hace un mes
Exelente película,pero los premios fueron todo para ella,era actriz antes con todas tus Performa anteriores.
Elvio Jorge Sanchez
Elvio Jorge Sanchez Hace un mes
What wonderful voice!!!
Katherine Alvarez
Katherine Alvarez Hace un mes
Solo decir q es maravillosa la canción...elevo los brazos al cielo para q mi papá me vea y la escuche conmigo, te extraño mucho❣️😔
Kisses Keller
Kisses Keller Hace un mes
Everytime I hear this song, it makes me cry. For the loves I've lost, for family taken way too young, for friends that I've left behind, for love that was not returned as it should have been, and for a multitude of other reasons. But still, I love 💜 L'
Vaclav Faktor
Vaclav Faktor Hace un mes
Nice . Love never died ....
Heather Reindl
Heather Reindl Hace un mes
My husband committed suicide 20 yrs ago. These lyrics are so deeply felt i cannot even describe it.
Fantastic films films
Fantastic films films Hace un día
Angelina Abapo
Angelina Abapo Hace 2 días
Luisa Souto
Luisa Souto Hace 4 días
@Marie Maillet ñpñpñpppppppñp
Marie Maillet
Marie Maillet Hace 13 días
I’m sorry, I hope you’re okay❤️
Martyna Jarczyk
Martyna Jarczyk Hace un mes
Hi. My name is Martyna. I'm from Poland. does the rest of the world know what is going on here? this is no longer a democratic country. you can't be a lesbian (who I am), you can't protest, the courts are led by the authorities, the constitution does not exist here. I'm alone, I try to be independent, I'm 29 years old. I rented a flat so as not to be like those who live with my parents. I was doing great. until the virus and Polish reality came. I got fired by a virus and sexual orientation. I got depressed, I got a sick leave but in this country I will be paid out maybe in half a year. I got a good job from next month. but because of how my country works I land in a moment under the bridge because I have nothing to pay for the flat for this month. loans in this country do not give. I do not know what to do. I'm heartbroken. I am begging you for help. every euro or dollar will save my life. my account number: 17 1160 2202 0000 0004 5030 3889 my name is Martyna Jarczyk
Lorva NanDawer
Lorva NanDawer Hace un mes
This song is trully from the heart. I dive in to the song and cried. Excellently, emotionally overwhelmed.
Fenris CL
Fenris CL Hace un mes
why does it feels too painful just hearing it again
Alex Esmero
Alex Esmero Hace un mes
I love this song so much yet it hurts me so much..
Doug Northrup
Doug Northrup Hace un mes
I had to say goodbye to love 36 years ago. The timing wasn’t right, but this song says more than I know how to explain.
Doug Northrup
Doug Northrup Hace un mes
Oakhill House Australia Bridgetown Well, I am in touch with her but she lives 6000 miles away in a foreign country. I’m married and have children. There just isn’t anything I can do. It was a once in a lifetime love. I miss her terribly and even though we communicate via text, it breaks my heart we cannot be together.
Oakhill House Australia Bridgetown
Oakhill House Australia Bridgetown Hace un mes
Can you reach out to them Doug?
Adrian Zaions
Adrian Zaions Hace un mes
Alto tema! Más lindo que Shallow.
ali rakib
ali rakib Hace un mes
Music lovers will always be thankful to Lady Gaga for a star is born ❤❤❤
ali rakib
ali rakib Hace un mes
Leslie Moore
Leslie Moore Hace un mes
Ok, Lady is better than Celine or Barbara, they should just retire and stay retired
Arif Hannan
Arif Hannan Hace un mes
Master class. Never heard such a passionate song!
Khaled Salah
Khaled Salah Hace un mes
المصريين والعرب فين
Sheren Esper
Sheren Esper Hace un mes
Gabriel Camargo
Gabriel Camargo Hace un mes
What os this little noise in the back at 1:53? Gosh it drives me mad
Sveriges roligaste klipp Gjfl
Sveriges roligaste klipp Gjfl Hace un mes
I love this song
Gabriel Nolasco
Gabriel Nolasco Hace un mes
My little angel has become a star. Never hurted that bad.
MINI GHOST FF Hace un mes
Sheila Cade
Sheila Cade Hace un mes
yuri_ chan
yuri_ chan Hace un mes
Its realy realy sad movie
Jéssica Gwoto
Jéssica Gwoto Hace un mes
😍 Lady Gaga 💓
Eva Deneen
Eva Deneen Hace un mes
I lost my mom in April of 2019 and in May of 2019 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He passed away in Feb. 1st and this is how I truly feel. I'm so lost and broken without him,
JaS_21 Hace un mes
💕😇 your mom and husband stay with you ❤
Lars S M  ツ 
Lars S M  ツ  Hace un mes
🐾 Ojalá pudiera, podría haber dicho adiós Wish I could, I could've said goodbye Hubiera dicho lo que quería I would've said what I wanted to Tal vez incluso lloré por ti Maybe even cried for you Si supiera que sería la última vez If I knew it would be the last time Hubiera roto mi corazón en dos I would've broke my heart in two Tratando de salvar una parte de ti Tryin' to save a part of you No quiero sentir otro toque Don't wanna feel another touch No quiero encender otro fuego Don't wanna start another fire No quiero saber otro beso Don't wanna know another kiss Ningún otro nombre cae de mis labios No other name falling off my lips No quiero regalar mi corazón Don't wanna give my heart away A otro extraño To another stranger O deja que comience otro día Or let another day begin Ni siquiera dejará entrar la luz del sol Won't even let the sunlight in No, nunca amaré de nuevo No, I'll never love again Nunca amaré de nuevo, oh, oh, oh, oh I'll never love again, oh, oh, oh, oh Cuando nos conocimos When we first met Nunca pensé que me caería I never thought that I would fall Nunca pensé que me encontraría I never thought that I'd find myself Acostado en tus brazos Lying in your arms Y quiero fingir que no es verdad And I want to pretend that it's not true Oh cariño, que te has ido Oh baby, that you're gone Porque mi mundo sigue girando, girando y girando 'Cause my world keeps turning, and turning, and turning Y no voy a seguir adelante And I'm not moving on No quiero sentir otro toque Don't wanna feel another touch No quiero encender otro fuego Don't wanna start another fire No quiero saber otro beso Don't wanna know another kiss Ningún otro nombre cae de mis labios No other name falling off my lips No quiero regalar mi corazón Don't wanna give my heart away A otro extraño To another stranger O deja que comience otro día Or let another day begin Ni siquiera dejará entrar la luz del sol Won't even let the sunlight in No, nunca amaré No, I'll never love No quiero saber este sentimiento I don't wanna know this feeling A menos que seamos tú y yo Unless it's you and me No quiero perder un momento, ooh I don't wanna waste a moment, ooh Y no quiero darle a otra persona la mejor parte de mí And I don't wanna give somebody else the better part of me Prefiero esperarte, ooh I would rather wait for you, ooh No quiero sentir otro toque Don't wanna feel another touch No quiero encender otro fuego Don't wanna start another fire No quiero saber otro beso Don't wanna know another kiss Bebé, a menos que sean tus labios Baby, unless they are your lips No quiero regalar mi corazón Don't wanna give my heart away A otro extraño To another stranger No dejes que comience otro día Don't let another day begin No dejará que entre la luz del sol Won't let the sunlight in Oh, nunca amaré de nuevo Oh, I'll never love again Nunca ames de nuevo Never love again Nunca ames de nuevo Never love again Oh, nunca amaré de nuevo Oh, I'll never love again 💚🇨🇴
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Hace un mes
When I here.This brake.My hart.So much.This two it mazing people.Create a song That it's do real.That took my hart,my soul,and much more.But when I.start seen.There movie.And other performance ect.i my self.This it's real love♥️
Grande Nicki
Grande Nicki Hace un mes
Dajenz Great
Dajenz Great Hace un mes
This song used to be my theme song when I was broken Hearted 💔 2yrs ago
Leontina Dimovska
Leontina Dimovska Hace un mes
i hope you're doing better now!!
1stpeyton Hace un mes
Jade Cabaya
Jade Cabaya Hace un mes
Damn, this gave me Whitney vibes!😍😱 Gaga is my life!💕💕
REN I LOVE ❤️❤️❤️👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨 AND THANK YOU GAGA 🥰🥰🥰😘🥰😘😘😘😘😘
Tainyii Za Shiteru
Tainyii Za Shiteru Hace un mes
La amo
Chris Love
Chris Love Hace un mes
Never realized this song was 5 and a half minutes long until now, lost in time
B Hace un mes
This is one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking songs I think I have ever heard.
MIZUKI Hace un mes
I HAVE NEVER FELT SO BROKEN WITHOUT A RELATIONSHIP i heard this like many times before watching the actual movie, and now i’m never gonna feeling innocent with the story behind it again.
Swarnalekha Khandker
Swarnalekha Khandker Hace un mes
I'll Never Love Again
陳明鈺 Hace un mes
Mustafa Tavşanlı
Mustafa Tavşanlı Hace 2 meses
I will be honest. I don’t like the movie. But soundtrack album is amazing.
Valentine Blanchard
Valentine Blanchard Hace 2 meses
Mon coeur se brise chaque fois que j'écoute cette chanson, je revois les images du film... ❤
Deborah Ayla
Deborah Ayla Hace 2 meses
Gente eles são um casal?
Asini Nimnara
Asini Nimnara Hace 2 meses
soooooooo beautiful and heart touching song I have ever heard
Bessy Persenitis
Bessy Persenitis Hace 2 meses
i found love after almost 30 years and he left me in the gutter. How do you move on?
Bessy Persenitis
Bessy Persenitis Hace un mes
@Julia B yep. Not as sad as other people's stories but for me...I'll never feel that love again
Bessy Persenitis
Bessy Persenitis Hace 2 meses
@Gary i am outwardly very positive and have had to put up with a lot in my life. However this time its just different. I know you are right and I want to move on but the dark empty space he created actually causes my chest to hurt. I know it will pass and i am a believer of love. I just have to let time heal me i guess. Thank you for your words.
Bessy Persenitis
Bessy Persenitis Hace 2 meses
@Julia B yep. I am heartbroken. I had so many walls up and let them all come down for him. Let go of all my insecurities, I allowed myself to just be and he took it and crushed me.
Gary Hace 2 meses
How do you move on you say? well it may not be easu but If you cant move on then how will you be you again? Moving on is very important because it shows that you can become a better version of yourself, you'll have to want it , you'll have to choose it. So fight for love again you know he isnt the only one , theres plenty of other guys out there , Dont be stuck in the past , you gotta focus on the now. Remember life doesnt control you , you control your life you decide whats best for you or whats not best for u , you decide how will u end your fate , you will decide who to love and who to not love. Moving on is the goal of having a positive life.
Julia B
Julia B Hace 2 meses
Bessy Persenitis that’s sad 😢
Martha Lorena Ariza Cubides
Martha Lorena Ariza Cubides Hace 2 meses
Que linda canción 🤗🙏🧚‍♂️🤗🤗
Donya Camille
Donya Camille Hace 2 meses
seeing the comments here makes my heart broke. i just wish everyone happiness and peace. i still can't move from the A Star is Born. im sooo saaaaaddddd
Matías de la Cruz
Matías de la Cruz Hace 2 meses
That song!!!!
Konstantina Tsolka
Konstantina Tsolka Hace 2 meses
RUD i love you
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