Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Marry The Night (Official Video). © 2011 Interscope

Olka Kaveh
Olka Kaveh Hace 5 horas
SUZANNE ETC Hace 8 horas
La ceai si tigara
La ceai si tigara Hace 18 horas
swiftie 4 life
swiftie 4 life Hace 23 horas
8:45 should stars
Lawsone Hace 23 horas
Just realise the blond girl being Gaga at 12:04 was a Cheerios dancer in Glee!
[badrrromance] Hace un día
i can’t believe how this masterpiece has not even reach 100 million views yet
Jennifer Peacock
Jennifer Peacock Hace un día
Mental illness is the fucking worst, my daughter struggles harder than you can pretend to. I do appreciate the nod to how they struggle, though. So I guess I thank you for that.
Danny Sandy
Danny Sandy Hace un día
Lady Gaga artist cannot be copied
poulllorca Hace un día
This music video deserves more.
Mohamed Bettouy
Mohamed Bettouy Hace un día
Song starts at 8:49 , just saying
Karami Hace un día
MK-Ultra imagery, typical dissociation from reality following intense trauma and abuse. She has dissociated from her reality and created her own inner world to escape her own traumatic reality. The first steps to mind control. Her ‘handlers’ were the nurses.
Rob Canz
Rob Canz Hace un día
I hope the Babylon video is long like this.
Jonny ETrejo
Jonny ETrejo Hace un día
FEAR Hace un día
I LOVE how she does everything her way and how she is so original like how she has her own style
NaNah Thee Unicorn
NaNah Thee Unicorn Hace 2 días
so this is how being ahead of their time like
AG Hace 2 días
Rain on me's prequel
Tim Hwang
Tim Hwang Hace 2 días
To anyone that thinks this isnt Satanic... This whole video is the story of how she sold her soul to the Devil...Once she was out of the hospital , claiming she was gonna" be a star because she had nothing else to lose" (including her soul), it cut to a wild scene flashing between her doing ballet/her ineptitude/how everyone looked down on her/at the feet of the dancers and between her losing it... it all stopped when she plopped herself in the bathtub (signifying baptism/being born again with the devil) and she dyed her hair (signifying her "change"/ becoming posessed) . Then she is walking down the hall and the scene ends with her saying "I did what any girl would do.... I did it all over again." (Becoming born again under Satan) and then a CHURCH BELL starts ringing...(when I heard the first church bell... before it was even over I knew it would end at 3 rings... and it DID!!) Its to mock the holy trinity... DEMONS/THE DEVIL works in THREES. The next scene, she falls from her sky roof (like how satan was cast down from heaven) and then she starts raising hell! Huge confidence! Looking like a star! flames everywhere and this is where she talks about marrying the night and darkness. Cut to the next scene with her dancing again, but this time it's a completely different story. After the "change" that happened, she is accepted and loved by everyone, dancing together. She is moving with confidence and standing out like a star. Then it ends with her surrounded by flames, as her ultimate end, as she fades into darkness. Its right in front of you.
Tim Hwang
Tim Hwang Hace 2 días
She is also the "Best Student" of Marina Abromovich... look up Spirit Cooking and the Abromovich Method that they trained with. Marina Abromovich writes messages in blood on the walls about mixing breast milk with sperm and drinking it. Cutting your left middle finger deeply and eating the pain. look at this video if you want more info
ii13Aestheticii Hace 2 días
ESstream removed some views here
Ștefania Bozga
Ștefania Bozga Hace un día
Really, how many??
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Hace 2 días
This is legendary !
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Hace 2 días
Today’s artists still CANT do it like Gaga.
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Hace 2 días
Lady Gaga ran so MOST of today’s “artists” can walk . Gaga paved the way in certain way .
Mina K
Mina K Hace 2 días
This Song literally got me out of my most destructive and depressed phases in my life. It saved my life a few years ago and still to this day it makes me cry and believe in myself again. Love you gaga.
russ thicc.
russ thicc. Hace 2 días
I was 8 years old when this came out and watching this made no sense but watching it now made me cry.
Charles Domínguez
Charles Domínguez Hace 2 días
Fan de Shakira quiere los 90 Millones y luego los 100 Millones. Vamos que sí podemos🤘🏽❤️
Mark Lazaro
Mark Lazaro Hace 3 días
The Invisible Monsters reference is still lost on y'all and it shows !!!!!!!! SHE SAID I AM THE QUEEN BRANDY ALEXANDER. DONT YOU KNOW MY ASS IS FAMOUS
Chris Mightellyulater
Chris Mightellyulater Hace 3 días
That awkward moment when your hat’s too big..12:57
Wagner Quintana
Wagner Quintana Hace 3 días
Does anyone know what's the name of the song that is playing when she's with the ballet outfit?
Youtube Commenter
Youtube Commenter Hace 3 días
OMG, this woman doesn't get older, she just gets BETTER.
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 3 días
Юлия Hace 3 días
Could you guys please explain what does “marry the night’ mean exactly?
Toby Morales
Toby Morales Hace 3 días
She looks exactly like in The Fame era at 12:37
Manuel Hace 3 días
This is a masterpiece
Nela Mielnik
Nela Mielnik Hace 4 días
out now
James Stephens
James Stephens Hace 4 días
Anyone else watch this for the intro into the song. Like the heavy metal guitar intro is just sooooo good
Eliz Pg
Eliz Pg Hace 4 días
I feel so bad I ignored this music video when it came out
VIDEO MUSICvevo Hace 4 días
Dontae Dovel
Dontae Dovel Hace 4 días
Who thinks this song is better than Myron? I think it’s 1000 times better than Myron. what do you think?
Selena Trejo
Selena Trejo Hace 4 días
This is such a awesome video and the meaning behind it! Just love lady Gaga like legit this bih is the best!
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 4 días
Queen 👑
E R I C Hace 5 días
Idk if it’s only me but didn’t the thumbnail for this have her wearing like shades or glasses of some sort 🤔🤔🤔
Christian Maldonado
Christian Maldonado Hace 5 días
Smukke Mus
Smukke Mus Hace 5 días
This is not af song, it’s a story
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy Hace 5 días
86.779.850 reproducciónes ,♥️😍 Vamos por las 100.000.000 monsters , este año tiene que llegar ♥️♥️😍👌🏼🇦🇷
Mix Music
Mix Music Hace 3 días
Nos va a costar pero lo conseguiremos! Vayamos pasando el mensaje a Shakifans
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy Hace 5 días
Sigan reproducciendo ♥️♥️😍
Cristian Godoy
Cristian Godoy Hace 5 días
Claire mf
Claire mf Hace 5 días
Most relatable thing in history.
calesmevi Hace 5 días
Una canción muy poderosa para tremendo album. Gracias Gaga
Alex Palacios
Alex Palacios Hace 5 días
gaga hits different when youre no longer closeted and youve stopped trying to police womens bodies
TheZeitergeist3 Hace 5 días
Wow this is really some next level shit. She was in 2040 here
reyna REYES
reyna REYES Hace 5 días
Shakifan apoyando a Lady Gaga
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 5 días
Gaga The best
Olga Laurel
Olga Laurel Hace 5 días
First GOAL 90 000 000 million views Second GOAL 100 000 000 million views Stream Little monsters and the other loves LADY GAGA
Jonny ETrejo
Jonny ETrejo Hace 5 días
Justicia para Marry the night. 🌑
Jonny ETrejo
Jonny ETrejo Hace 5 días
Sigamos reproduciendo éste maravilloso vídeo Little Monsters despierten !!!
Everyone always skips the intro but when she said the nurse on the right had a great ass and she bent over and Gaga went *BAM* That teleported me to mars
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 6 días
Michaela Mottinger
Michaela Mottinger Hace 6 días
HEDWIG can you heat me ....
Olga Laurel
Olga Laurel Hace 6 días
Road to 87 000 000 million views
Labidi Sami
Labidi Sami Hace 6 días
The nurse looks like Gaga herself 😍
Poeta Felizpe
Poeta Felizpe Hace 6 días
Lets make this ART 100 millions views!!!
Makayla Weatherman
Makayla Weatherman Hace 7 días
I love that all her Music videos age well, like when your younger your like that's a cool video. Then when you get older your like shit, this is so real stuff right here. I just live for Gaga so much.
Trent Little
Trent Little Hace 7 días
her best music video. period.
Gonzalo Garcia
Gonzalo Garcia Hace 7 días
Bue mamita re larga la intro
Hernan Morales
Hernan Morales Hace 3 días
JAJAJSJS pero re artística y poco valorada igual :(
Chris C
Chris C Hace 7 días
HOW has gaga not done a full visual album? Chromatica was the perfect opportunity to do so because of how much of a journey that album is. She has to do it someday.
jake mosnter
jake mosnter Hace 7 días
Raina Mermaid
Raina Mermaid Hace 7 días
9 years later im watching this and realizing I totally forgot how it ended!
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera Hace 7 días
Tremenda obra de arte
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 7 días
Espectacular video
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 7 días
Kiara Nicholas
Kiara Nicholas Hace 7 días
fav comment section on yt, it’s so wholesome and i appreciate gaga so much. my best friend and i grew up listening to her.. every friday we would go skating at our local rink and her songs were always played.. 2 years ago she passed away every time I listen to these songs it brings me back to all the memories we had together.
Ian Solis
Ian Solis Hace 8 días
Shakifan apoyando este temon
Mix Music
Mix Music Hace 6 días
Muchas gracias!!
Jude Juanane
Jude Juanane Hace 8 días
So sad that this is music video deserves more than 86m views for 9 years.
Steve Hace 6 días
Pretty sure it’s at least triple that. ESstream adjusts the totals
Jamie McCallum
Jamie McCallum Hace 7 días
It always hurts a little when you don't see the new album linked in the description
Jonny ETrejo
Jonny ETrejo Hace 8 días
Little Monsters despierten, sigamos reproduciendo, el vídeo ya va por los 87 M #pawsup #marrythenight
Mix Music
Mix Music Hace 6 días
Este video es una pena que tenga eso, cuando GUY llegue, pidamos apoyo en este, aunque GUY en la, versión larga solo sube 400K por mes y en la corta 950K por mes, por pena tardaremos tiempo pero conseguiremos justicia con GUY y MARRY THE NIGHT
Jonny ETrejo
Jonny ETrejo Hace 8 días
86.5M ✅ 86.6 ✅ 86.7 ✅ 86.8 86.9 87 M go !!!
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 8 días
marirals Hace 8 días
I had a complete mental breakdown some years ago... this intro kinda saved my life. Thanks gaga
MAGALÍ MARÍN Hace 8 días
Iris Murasaki
Iris Murasaki Hace 8 días
Well no wonder she became an actress. She's always been good at it.
Ramir Enriquez
Ramir Enriquez Hace 9 días
My favorite song of hers. It's desperate but powerful
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