Lady Gaga - Til It Happens To You (Official Music Video)

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Hace 4 años

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.

“Til It Happens To You” available for download now:
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“Til It Happens To You” written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga; performed by Lady Gaga, from the film THE HUNTING GROUND, available now:

sassierthangrassi Hace 16 horas
So when I finally coped with it because it was 4 years ago, it happened again. And this time I don't think I will recover.
Nika Horváthová
Nika Horváthová Hace 5 horas
I am really sorry. I believe it must be difficult and I believe that you will overcome it. Be strong ❤️
Terry Sullins
Terry Sullins Hace 17 horas
Hugs and prayers to all fellow suvivors
Karen Carney
Karen Carney Hace 17 horas
I may not be a college studenr but I am a single mother. And being raped w ur 5 yr old in thr other room while having a seizure...nobody knows unless it happened to them.
Nika Horváthová
Nika Horváthová Hace 20 horas
"Why didn't you report it?"I told my teachers, they told me not to make it up.
ejemen okojie
ejemen okojie Hace un día
Poignant and powerful
João Henrique
João Henrique Hace un día
this music hurts 😓
Mc Mc
Mc Mc Hace un día
Till it happens to you Getting the guts to say it and de had the guts to say it to but don’t tell mammy it would kill her Coz she’s old I’m in my 30s but it makes me think
Alfie H
Alfie H Hace un día
If I’m perfectly honest with you, the graphic depictions are kind of unnecessary, I can understand she’s being an advocate to sexual violence but do we really need to see on screen sexual assault?
Yersinia Pestis
Yersinia Pestis Hace 2 días
"Why didn't you report it?" I felt like it was my fault.
Nika Horváthová
Nika Horváthová Hace un día
I believe you and it is not your fault ❤️
Comet 1910
Comet 1910 Hace 2 días
“Why didn’t you report it?” It was my own step mom and I was young
Nika Horváthová
Nika Horváthová Hace un día
I'm sorry. I hope you get better!
sophia-xrs Hace 2 días
"why didn't you report it" He could destroy my family bc he is my family
Henco Viljoen
Henco Viljoen Hace 2 días
"why didnt you report it" because im gay and it would've outed me.
Amanda Gilmore
Amanda Gilmore Hace 2 días
Did you have on makeup, were your legs shaved...the defense attorney asking my 13 year old on the stand. I just rode my bike to the store...
Mcqueen Qui
Mcqueen Qui Hace 3 días
Weeto Hace 3 días
Yo wanna know something people can use sexual assist for there own gain. My girlfriend of 4 years said she wanted to have sex and she was feeling horny or some shit and then as soon as we started she pushed me off with full force and screamed at the top of her lungs and filed a report claiming it was sexual assault and nobody believed me and I luckily only got charges and no jail but that maid me loose a lot of my friends and forever I’ll hate that bitch for ruining me and I guess she done it for attention or some shit
kiran koundal
kiran koundal Hace 3 días
I was bullied in my clg for initial 3 years I thought they r my frnd but they r not
Ella Celine
Ella Celine Hace 4 días
i was 4 years old and i only realised 13 years later
Ella Celine
Ella Celine Hace 4 días
thank you gaga💔❤️
Evans Mosomi
Evans Mosomi Hace 4 días
This is so powerful! Thanks for putting this out there and educating us all...the lyrics are so authentic
Alyson T.Norwood
Alyson T.Norwood Hace 5 días
“Why didn’t you report it?” His friends gaslighted me for months saying Deep down I wanted it or i wouldn’t have “let it happen”. I told my mom, i didn’t expect to be asked if i was dressed provocatively. We never spoke of it again. I’m thankful for being able to let it out here EDIT: four girls saved me and i will thank the one that stayed everyday after.🌻
Ati Ngullie
Ati Ngullie Hace 5 días
"Why didnt you scream" He was my uncle
Nika Horváthová
Nika Horváthová Hace un día
I am sorry. I hope you feel better now, I am sending love 💞
Squibshy Hace 5 días
“Why didn’t you report it?” I was to young and naive
Katherine Rosemary
Katherine Rosemary Hace 5 días
Why didn’t you report? Because I was 3.
Nika Horváthová
Nika Horváthová Hace un día
I'm sorry. I hope you're better now. And don't forget ... it's not your fault. I'm sending you love ❤️
Magui Hace 5 días
Why diden't you report it? I told my mom but she didn't believe me he was my dad's best friend. I thought that if my mom didn't believe me, nobody would. her granddaughters are feminists and do not believe that her grandfather is an abuser
Syd Clark-Yawitz
Syd Clark-Yawitz Hace 5 días
Gosh that broke my heart listening to that
Gandalf in Heels
Gandalf in Heels Hace 5 días
Why don’t you acknowledge it “Because he was a year younger and people would just laugh”
Ema Raposo
Ema Raposo Hace 5 días
Lady Gaga just gain my eternal respect!
youcancallme Joanne
youcancallme Joanne Hace 5 días
It's really funny how can you dislike this song
Bradley Matthews
Bradley Matthews Hace 5 días
I was raped four times by four different people in the span of ten years.
Iman Athirah Rozri
Iman Athirah Rozri Hace 5 días
"Why didn't you report?" I didn't know anything about sex till I was 12
Ana Gabrieli dos Santos
Ana Gabrieli dos Santos Hace 6 días
01:14 and 01:29 I really cried when I saw this part of the video, because I am trans and I am abused to this day I can't get away from the person who is doing me harm, he really attacks me, and I don't want that anymore, it hurts me a lot if someone can help me i will leave mine (urges: depressao_199) help me please 💔😞💔
Shantaye Fisher
Shantaye Fisher Hace 6 días
I got this of toonzies check it out its funny
Franscine Quinto
Franscine Quinto Hace 6 días
"Why didn't you report?" He is my grandfather and a police man...
Alexyss Hilderbrand
Alexyss Hilderbrand Hace 6 días
“Why didn’t you report it? Why is he free?” It went to court and my own family dropped the charges because he was my cousin (I was a child and couldn’t really do anything)
olivia x riggs
olivia x riggs Hace 6 días
It didn't happen to me but it almost did. Was supposed to be my stepbrother. He was 6 years older than me, 16, I was ten. I slept over, in my other brothers room, and he woke me up and layed beside me, played with my hair, but I knew what could happen so I got up and left. He got a b*ner whenever I was around too, the night before he got in bed with me, we were messing around in the car, late at night, we had this yoyo ball thing that he would swing and I would try to catch it, and halfway through the game, he pulled out a pocket knife, and swing it in place of the toy.
sailor Strawberry
sailor Strawberry Hace 6 días
Why didn't u report it? It was girl on girl that's not taken seriously
cleary the ostrich
cleary the ostrich Hace 14 horas
hey, same. i wasnt r*ped, just abused sexually for 3 years. no one believed me though.
Tammy Anderson Parker
Tammy Anderson Parker Hace 6 días
Reported and went to hospital but too many reasons to list for taking it to court in another county. Awful system at least in '79.
mini monster
mini monster Hace 6 días
"Why did you not report it" He threated to kill me if i told anyone
xz triste
xz triste Hace 6 días
When I was 20 i worked in a government office as a part of my On The Job Training.. And someone harrased me their, i opened it up and i told them about what happened but they defended that guy. They didnt believe.. they said it was just normal, they said that guy is just touchy! but for me.. its a no!... he touched me, my private parts, and he tried to kiss me.... how can that be normal? he harassed me! but they made me shut my mouth. They didn't listen to me, and the worst thing is that they are women too. I was expecting them to fight for me but no! they just make me feel like a loser.. I felt so helpless that time.. whom should i ask for help?. i cant even tell my mum.. my dad or any member of the family.. i tried sharing it to a friend but she didn't care.
Joylin Zuo
Joylin Zuo Hace 6 días
我哭了。还有这下面的评论,太心疼了。感谢lady Gaga, 为弱者发声。
Montez Hace 7 días
Wow. What a beautiful powerful song.
Cat C
Cat C Hace 7 días
Can’t even watch this. Too triggering. Shouldn’t have clicked on it.
Alyson T.Norwood
Alyson T.Norwood Hace 4 días
I get mad but i can’t look away, it feels paralyzing
Kybele Kordax
Kybele Kordax Hace 7 días
"Why didn't you report it?" "I didn't think anyone would believe me.
Cj Joan
Cj Joan Hace 8 días
Don’t act like u know everything from a rape victim
Cj Joan
Cj Joan Hace 8 días
This song is so sad 😭
Cj Joan
Cj Joan Hace 8 días
Stop blaming victims !
SIM FEVER Hace 8 días
Great job Lady G! God bless you.
makayla farley
makayla farley Hace 8 días
"Why didn't you report it?" I was a child and didn't know it was wrong.
StayXenia Hace 8 días
"Why didn't you report?" Because I didn't fully understand until years later. Because he was my boyfriend at the time. Because I fear they won't take it serious because I was too scared to say "no". Silence isn't consent.
Jaz MP
Jaz MP Hace 8 días
*Hurts how My own Father and brother harassed me.*
CandycaneMissy Hace 8 días
Why you didn't report? He is my dad's bestfriend and I'm just a 14 years old who's making up stories .
RedWolf993 Hace 9 días
This is pathetic
Laya J'aime le riz
Laya J'aime le riz Hace 7 días
This is courageous.
Happy World
Happy World Hace 9 días
People:report it Rape victims:I don't want it to be all over the news
Calming Asmr
Calming Asmr Hace 9 días
No one did anything
xz triste
xz triste Hace 9 días
sorry to everyone who have gone through this, i hope ya'll get better soon. And i want you to know that it wasn't your fault. Be strong. We can do this! 💪
melissa cookson
melissa cookson Hace 10 días
Love this, so powerful... Sometimes the perpetrator is also a female... Apparently that makes it ok too... Being told to suspend myself and quit... That felt just as unreal as what happened. Having to continue with her in the same cohort, classes... and graduation, after turning everyone against me... Something needs to change 💔🖤
Joyce Hace 10 días
I'm sorry to all people who had to face such a thing.. DO NOT be silent ... speak yourself, this is your body your life be responsible for it and defend it. tell your parents.. if they didn't believe you, tell you grandparents, or your close teacher. If you can't, call the police or social services/family services whatever it's called in your country. get evidence of what happened to you. don't say they're my family they won't do it again! No, if they did it once and you stayed silent/they got no punishment they will repeat it.. as we say in my country dog's tail will never straighten out! remember: you deserver to live, you're worthy of every good and beautiful thing in life.. don't you even think you are worthless or that you deserve what awful thing happened to you. Stay strong
Haydn Halfacre
Haydn Halfacre Hace 11 días
Why didn’t you report it? Because everyone told me it wasn’t a big deal
Dariya Burnett
Dariya Burnett Hace 11 días
“why didn’t you report it?” - I was passed out after he beat me
some artist whos really weird
some artist whos really weird Hace 11 días
i was 15 when i was assaulted. im now 17 and ive been struggling so much with it. i never thought it would be so hard that i have to transfer schools and avoid so many of his friends that were my friends until the incident
CÓLIN Hace 11 días
People who have overcome such an injury ... Just INCREDIBLY STRONG. I pray for everyone♥️
Chanel lokz
Chanel lokz Hace 11 días
"why didnt you repot it" because i was a little ass kid that didnt even know wrong from right and it was my uncle now that im older ive let it out and no one even believes it so now my uncles whole fam dont like me and the police "didnt have evidence" so basically still feel trapped cuz no obe even cares at the end f the day just my mom not even my dad but to all the girls out there be strong and i hope no other ppl have to go through this
Bets Goosen
Bets Goosen Hace 12 días
It's so true, you won't know till it happen to you
Candice Kelley
Candice Kelley Hace 12 días
It happened 2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday.
Alex Tuazon
Alex Tuazon Hace 12 días
"you don't know how it feels" sad truth
Ame Marie
Ame Marie Hace 12 días
My sister asked me if I was sure my brother molested me.
Denny Hardestly
Denny Hardestly Hace 12 días
"Why didn't you report?" I was 14 I was having bad friends we drunk alcohol then I went to 3 boys flat and they all did it when they thought that I was sleeping it was in April 2020
Raissa Oliveira
Raissa Oliveira Hace 12 días
Rasmus Knudsen
Rasmus Knudsen Hace 13 días
I don't even think these "Why didn't you report it?" comments are real, I listened to this song like 2 times but I never heard "Why didn't you report it?"
Andi Belt
Andi Belt Hace 13 días
"Why didnt you report it?" Because I'm 16 and he's 20. I was almost passed out while throwing up for 2hrs. He took advantage of me when I couldn't fight back. I said no, I tried pushing him away but I was to weak to stop him.
Cyancat123 Hace 13 días
Friendly reminder that the college rape statistic was only a study of a few select schools. While I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, it’s not 1/5 worldwide.
What Ever
What Ever Hace 13 días
“Why didn’t you report” Because I was a minor. Because it was my brother. Because my family witnessed it and didn’t do anything. Because I thought it was normal. Because I thought I deserved it. Because I have no proof it happened. Because still I’m scared.
Katie Huffman
Katie Huffman Hace 10 días
I believe you and I love you
Kaat Hace 13 días
It happens to boys to you know
my precious daughter-time to shout the truth and protect the victims x
emilyy Hace 13 días
Why didn’t you report it? I felt like I was to blame and I was ashamed
Gaby Candiani
Gaby Candiani Hace 13 días
"why didn't you report?" Because i was in his house. People said that I want that, but I was so scared to say no
"Why didn't you report?" My father told me "are you sure you haven't misunderstood?" I thought "if not even my father believes me, who will do it?"
Arthur Semeghini Gallo
Arthur Semeghini Gallo Hace 10 días
Don't give up!I know You'II find someone who believes in you.And remember:You are not pointless!😁
Giiftii Melaaku
Giiftii Melaaku Hace 13 días
"why didn't you report?" Because Date rape is not Really Rape. you knew it is going to happen
hey it's me Sisa
hey it's me Sisa Hace 14 días
It's sad how we all suffers for the sin they committed
Amanda B
Amanda B Hace 14 días
“Why didn’t you report it?” It was my best friend’s friend; I was drunk at my housewarming party, and I said no. My best friend told everyone I wanted it, and that I was a liar.
Katie Huffman
Katie Huffman Hace 10 días
I believe you and I love you
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