Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - But Beautiful (Studio Video)

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Hace 5 años

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Xenius Hace un hora
3:52 The outro....I can't....but Beautiful Banan Alice: sample? :D Me: No....Nooooo......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......!!!!!!!! :'D
Jeffrey Platt
Jeffrey Platt Hace 5 días
When Peggy and I would lye next to each other on the beach I would play this to myself while thinking of my love for this WOMAN.
Marc Dajka
Marc Dajka Hace 5 días
Kathleen Llewellyn
Kathleen Llewellyn Hace 6 días
My personal favorite
Martin Platt
Martin Platt Hace 12 días
Lady Gaga is truly fabulous......such passion as has been said.
Fer Espinoza
Fer Espinoza Hace 12 días
Man, Tony has to sing a soft Jazz with Billie Eilish one day. Tony musical ear knows if you have it or not.
Joe Human
Joe Human Hace 15 días
The way Stephanie invites us to participate and witness her at such ultimate vulnerability.. I feel honoured and humbled to have experienced this.
Sofia E
Sofia E Hace 17 días
true icons
Дмитрий Остапенко
Дмитрий Остапенко Hace 19 días
It's a magic
Simon Bertioli
Simon Bertioli Hace 19 días
Wow she and Tony are on the same Plato...smooth in tones and so well balanced...this is exceptional...maybe the best is yet to come ...but I'm just happy with this...tops..👏👏👏👍
Yonatan Mejia
Yonatan Mejia Hace 24 días
Esta canción es un agasajo a los oídos 😍
James Roberts
James Roberts Hace 28 días
Quarantine vibes 2020 !! Tonys whole collab cd was 🔥🔥🔥
Вікторія Журавська
Вікторія Журавська Hace 28 días
Incredible Lady💖 Bleeding for my ears💖
Paula Murta
Paula Murta Hace 29 días
gaga has so many personas and I f*** with each one of them. this woman is a total beast. Also props to Tony for still sounding as clear as ever. Oddly beautiful duet
Sing Your Style Studio
Sing Your Style Studio Hace un mes
Stefanos N. Liakos
Stefanos N. Liakos Hace un mes
I see Stefani not Gaga and that makes me happy! She's mature! And very beautiful!
Atok Suharto
Atok Suharto Hace un mes
Cristian Aguirre
Cristian Aguirre Hace un mes
Cuarentena #covid19, escuchando buena música
Kolin Tica
Kolin Tica Hace un mes
Talent of Riri + Katy + Nicki Minaj + Miley < talent of Gaga
chromatic babe
chromatic babe Hace un mes
Mark Blackburn
Mark Blackburn Hace un mes
A song from 1947 -- one of the two best collaborations by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen. (Five years later, they would give the world their beloved “Here's That Rainy Day.”) Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio just played Lady Gaga's BUT BEAUTIFUL duet with Tony Bennett: dare I say, my “new favorite version”! First offering at ESstream -- this one: A delightful 'live' in studio recording (nearing 5 million “views”) which features some brilliant jazz musicians with a string arrangement that could only have been by Jorge Calandrelli who has worked with Tony on a dozen previous recordings. I'm a guitarist and that's one of my jazz heroes, Gray Sargent, who has been with Tony longer than almost any other musician in his almost seven-decade career. Love his tone-setting opening notes on this beauty. Thanks for sharing Lady Gaga. Celebrated this night at Sinatra Family - Forum - "Siriusly Sinatra" - MY FAVORITE VERSION, YOURS TOO?
The great Harold Jones on drums.
Surakav senja Zarafa
Surakav senja Zarafa Hace un mes
Love is funny, or it's sad Or it's quiet, or it's mad It's a good thing or it's bad But beautiful Beautiful to take a chance And if you fall, you fall And I'm thinking I wouldn't mind at all Love is tearful or it's gay It's a problem or it's play It's a heartache either way But beautiful And I'm thinking if you were mine I'd never let you go And that would be But beautiful I know But beautiful And I'm thinking if you were mine I'd never let you go And that would be But beautiful I know
minegaga Lady gaga
minegaga Lady gaga Hace un mes
Alicia Nobles
Alicia Nobles Hace un mes
My favorite forever!
nathalie dormer
nathalie dormer Hace un mes
Tony really saved her life
Brazil5D Hace 2 meses
Gaga is a genious. She's fished fans with her pop music and brought them all to really good music. and i'm not a particular fan of gaga or even benett, but i sure do recognize good music. I"m just someone with a bird's eye view
jasmine23pvz Hace 2 meses
suga periodt
suga periodt Hace 2 meses
almost 5 million views and less than 50k likes.. sooo is it just me and the same 46k people watching this over and over again? :"))
Dana Matson
Dana Matson Hace 2 meses
She's MY hero and I love her together with Tony Bennett.. makes me want to go on living in this world
David Wake
David Wake Hace 2 meses
Her phrasing is exquisite - she's such a natural jazz singer. Tony's voice is a bit past its best but he makes up for it with his experience and there is real chemistry between the two. Who'da thunk it?
littlemessycorner Hace 2 meses
I wonder why shes crying and why the picture is so emotional to her..
Jan Flato
Jan Flato Hace 2 meses
Nicolas, don't know about best voice I've ever heard. But she does a great job with "The greatest saloon singer." Sinatra said that about Tony Bennett.
Mario Spacagna
Mario Spacagna Hace 2 meses
Italian passion shining through
J. Mark Lane
J. Mark Lane Hace 2 meses
God damn she's fucking amazing! And thanks to the great Tony Bennett to bring it out.
Adela Hace 2 meses
Si Lady Gaga se dedicará a este género me convertiría en su fan
Sludgepump Hace 3 meses
She's the best jazz singer of her generation without a doubt.
Mohammed Kamran Ali
Mohammed Kamran Ali Hace 3 meses
Oh okay
Jose Zapata
Jose Zapata Hace 3 meses
Wow she's hot????
Jason Jayaker
Jason Jayaker Hace 3 meses
wow voices and singing
Armazi Dundua
Armazi Dundua Hace 3 meses
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius Hace 3 meses
Jp Blanc
Jp Blanc Hace 3 meses
Not Lady Gaga, rather Lady Fantastic
Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce Hace 3 meses
2020? 😍👏
Benjamin Florio
Benjamin Florio Hace 3 meses
Ethereal peace, honest, sincere and beautiful!!!!!!
Judith Ann Angel
Judith Ann Angel Hace 3 meses
Tony always melts my heart with his voice and phrasing.
Judith Ann Angel
Judith Ann Angel Hace 3 meses
She's AMAZING!!!
Alex Golovchenko
Alex Golovchenko Hace 4 meses
That really was beautiful.
Roger Pedler
Roger Pedler Hace 4 meses
That is just gorgeous...... .
Patricia Hace 4 meses
Was she crying?
Gaston Lalo
Gaston Lalo Hace 4 meses
Wow Great voices, Just melting my hearth. Great goddess on fire with passion. U make me cry
Love My Voice USA
Love My Voice USA Hace 4 meses
I’m surprised Gaga blew it at the end. A belt on this sensitive ballad is a no no my dear.
Carla Ramirez
Carla Ramirez Hace 5 meses
I find it impossible to hear this beauty without voting tears
Veronique Furnari
Veronique Furnari Hace 5 meses
c est absolument magnifique , on touche le ciel,
jon T
jon T Hace 5 meses
Rena Massey
Rena Massey Hace 5 meses
In this video I have seen true artistry and class.
Bruce Hunter
Bruce Hunter Hace 6 meses
Classy and beautiful guys!Wonderful! Love Sheila Nardone Cardone Epstein ,& Dr Bruce Hunter Sheila's an Italiano Jew from LI, NY💖🙏
Balazs Monoki
Balazs Monoki Hace 6 meses
That last look Gaga throws at him is priceless. I know that look; I got it from my late wife.
Elena Rosa Le Pera
Elena Rosa Le Pera Hace 6 meses
Beautifully sung together great Lady Gaga sings with Love
Steven East
Steven East Hace 6 meses
Absolutely Outstanding so glad we agree . Have a lucky 2020 ⭐
angel smith
angel smith Hace 6 meses
The ranges of Gaga’s voice is simply out of this world and magical , the emotion and passion for her musical wonders are a gift for us all to cherish ❤️❤️❤️
Roger Pedler
Roger Pedler Hace 6 meses
Sensational........just SSSensational
Judith Ann Angel
Judith Ann Angel Hace 6 meses
Tony still make me swoon. Your phrasing is beautiful. Lady, you are totally amazing.
slimturnpike Hace 6 meses
Are they looking at charts for the notes? Or the lyrics? Is this old standard that difficult? Nice guitar solo
Joe Vald
Joe Vald Hace 6 meses
Magic she's so damn good at anything it's incredible . Stephanie has so much to offer
bill jenkins
bill jenkins Hace 6 meses
This has to be one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.
Matteo Cosentino
Matteo Cosentino Hace 6 meses
i'm with you man. Also check out the (well known) jazz standard "how deep is the ocean"
Judith Ann Angel
Judith Ann Angel Hace 7 meses
Tony Bennett's phrasing is wonderful as always and so is Gaga's, His arrangements are wonderful as well. You still make me swoon Tony.
Jp Blanc
Jp Blanc Hace 7 meses
Awesome... magic .. wonderfull... and beautiful voice. Thank's a lot for this moment.
Anne Mander
Anne Mander Hace 7 meses
2:25 You can't teach that. It comes with being a gentleman and having genuine respect for women. Bravo, Mr. Bennett.
me Hace 7 meses
She looks high.
Fernando Alencar
Fernando Alencar Hace 7 meses
Laura Fortini
Laura Fortini Hace 7 meses
stupendo- lady Gaga nella gesticolazione mi ricorda Amy Winehouse-Bravissima.Meravigliosa orchestrazione.
Rachelle Seward
Rachelle Seward Hace 7 meses
when he wipes her tears 😭❤❤
Soledade Cantanova de Maio
Soledade Cantanova de Maio Hace 7 meses
Tan T
Tan T Hace 7 meses
Lord Cold
Lord Cold Hace 7 meses
2019? 😙❤👏
Jonathan Hace 8 meses
Judith Ann Angel
Judith Ann Angel Hace 8 meses
Tony Bennett you melt my heart and Lady you are extraordinary. Tony your arrangements are beautiful.
Cristian Córdoba
Cristian Córdoba Hace 8 meses
Otis Williams
Otis Williams Hace 8 meses
Two great entertainers what more can be said.
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