Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Audio)

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Matt Matt
Matt Matt Hace 2 meses
Omg what an album
Rodrigo Rabelo
Rodrigo Rabelo Hace un año
02/07/2019 988.414 Views 23.000 Likes 781 Deslikes 2.590 Comentários
Yefferson Blanco Olivar
Yefferson Blanco Olivar Hace un año
pure art
Aldair Oviedo
Aldair Oviedo Hace un año
Stream Shallow
Natasha Hace un año
28,960 More Views.
Jeffrey Munoz
Jeffrey Munoz Hace un año
*This album was so in depth with my senses. I had just bought my first car, a Ford Taurus, and drove to Target to get this CD that first day. The vintage smell of that car will always remind me of this album. The air conditioning didn't work in the car so the smell of the open air fueled the ambience. The open windows on the highway taught me to sing loud - the whole album and that car fit my whole experience truly feeling what it's like singing on the open road. Free at last to sing*
Weyes Noir
Weyes Noir Hace un año
Get Yourself an artist that can give you everything
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace un año
19th August 2014 : 1 Minutes after out : 67 Views 8 Likes 0 Dislikes 19th August 2015 : 1 Years !! 908 086 Views 21 934 Likes 728 Dislikes 2 808 Comments 19th August 2018 : 4 Years !! 976 965 Views 23 032 Likes 777 Dislikes 2 585 Comments 28th April 2020 : 1 000 077 Views 23 214 Likes 782 Dislikes 2 497 Comments
Светлана Никонова
Светлана Никонова Hace 2 años
Почти милиард просмотров!
Amir Livadic
Amir Livadic Hace 2 años
André Moreira Ferreira
André Moreira Ferreira Hace 2 años
Giseld Dervishi
Giseld Dervishi Hace 2 años
It's like Dinah Washington
Theodora Hace 2 años
[Lady Gaga:] I can't give you anything but love, baby That's the only thing I've plenty of, baby Dream a while, scheme a while you're sure to find Happiness and I guess all those things you've always pined for Gee, I like to see you looking swell, tony with Diamond watches, Tiffany's just don't sell, baby Till the lucky day you know darn well Oh I can't give you anything but love. [Tony Bennett:] I can't give you anything but love, lady That's the only thing I've plenty of, lady Dream awhile, scheme a while, you're sure to find Happiness and I guess all those things you've always pined for How you like to see me looking swell? lady Diamond bracelets, Woolworth doesn't sell, Gaga [Duet:] Till the lucky day you know darn well, baby Oh I can't give you anything, I don't want just anything Oh I can't give you anything but love
Aldair Oviedo
Aldair Oviedo Hace 3 años
Aldair Oviedo
Aldair Oviedo Hace 3 años
DanBekim Hace 3 años
I hated these times... we thought Gaga release ARTPOP ACT 2 and she's dropped a jazz album....
Omar Hashem
Omar Hashem Hace 2 años
She had already said during the ARTPOP era that she won't release it
Ines Muslic
Ines Muslic Hace 3 años
can you stop dragging katy into this .She doesn't have a jazz voice and her voice isn't that powerful BUT she can sing and she is amazing in my opinion so please tell me when you get as much success as she has.And I LOVE GAGA #littlemonsterkatycatforlife
JÚNIOR, Carlos
JÚNIOR, Carlos Hace 3 años
Genaro Berola
Genaro Berola Hace 3 años
Bruce Unwin
Bruce Unwin Hace 3 años
Swell Tony, and Lady G. Ignore the dross below. Great duet, with tremendous backing musicians. Fantastic!
Martha Hoyos Ruiz
Martha Hoyos Ruiz Hace 3 años
love this!!!
Chris Fowlier
Chris Fowlier Hace 3 años
Happy Birthday, Tony!
Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce Hace 4 años
Best Voice
Charly Mc
Charly Mc Hace 4 años
Old but Gold
Aleksandar Stevanovic
Aleksandar Stevanovic Hace 4 años
It's sad how so many "Monsters" bitch about her (and Tony's) Jazz album and want a pop album... Geez, relax, she will give you the album, try to appreciate something different in the meantime, like this gem of an album for instance. xD #TrueLittleMonster #SupportGaga #ArtisticFreedom
DanBekim Hace 4 años
Chaos Earthquake
Chaos Earthquake Hace 3 años
We want BOTH
LikeO LikeH
LikeO LikeH Hace 4 años
No fuck you jazz is the best
Stupid Love
Stupid Love Hace 4 años
I love this song it's my favorite of cheek to cheek
Patrick Hace 4 años
that's so pretty 💛
Kemal Maulana
Kemal Maulana Hace 4 años
Watch this at January 2016 hahaha . . . old but gold
Wes Tolson
Wes Tolson Hace 4 años
old? A two year old recording is old to you? Are you like seven years old or something?
Aldair Oviedo
Aldair Oviedo Hace 4 años
Mee :v
Даша Голубова
Даша Голубова Hace 4 años
я люблю Ledy Gaga хоть мне 8 лет и я русская и что
Karen Brito
Karen Brito Hace 4 años
simplesmente incrível ♡
A Passer
A Passer Hace 4 años
This is my favorite one from the album Fucking Music to my ears Gaga!!
I Say That T.V Has Always been Two Way veiwing screen
Nisa Şafak Kaya
Nisa Şafak Kaya Hace 4 años
This video've got 900k views because people want autotuned singers and nice beats. People also like big butts. Gaga has one too but not in this song. If you call yourself a true Little Monster, even if you don't like jazz music, you have to respect. And if you want a pop music album, don't worry. LG5 is coming..
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace 4 años
19.08.15 : 1 Years !! 908 086 Views 21 934 Likes 728 Dislikes 2 808 Comments
Valentin Arenal
Valentin Arenal Hace 5 años
👑💜😍😍😍😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏 I love Gaga
matmicmj Hace 5 años
shadypenguinX Hace 5 años
I like Art Pop but I like this too
CheekTo Cheek
CheekTo Cheek Hace 5 años
The *CheekToCheekTour continues tonight in las vegas... Congratulation Gaga & Tony!!!
Aaron Hace 5 años
Yas! We got Jazz!!!
Nah! Hace 5 años
Professor Unicornio
Professor Unicornio Hace 5 años
Não sei se OS VERDADEIROS FÃS DA GAGA vão concordar comigo, mas... Pra quem diz que a Gaga "flopou" com ArtPop, creio que estão enganados. A Gaga, assim como a Bey e outras rainhas, faz o tipo de música que ela gosta e que ela aprova. Se A ou B não gostaram, foda-se! Eu fico feliz pela minha diva ter lançando o album. Agora vem um album ao estilo Jazz. E mesmo eu não curtindo muito, estou amando porque ela amou o que fez. Vejam, ela está mostrando que é tão boa que consegue sair da zona de conforto do pop ou do R&B e ir para o Jazz. Ela é realmente foda pra caralho, linda, magnifica e deve continuar fazendo o que quer, não o que os malditos fãs pedem. Gaga linda e rainha como sempre. Essa DEUSA merece meus aplausos e minha atenção.
Larissa Almeida
Larissa Almeida Hace 4 años
concordo! Amei ela no jazz, nunca tinha escutado e agr estou apaixonada. Lady rainha fucking GaGa também e cultura.
Brigitte C
Brigitte C Hace 5 años
gaga made me like jazz
Nicki Vin
Nicki Vin Hace 5 años
Sooo good
Ellen Marie Larsen
Ellen Marie Larsen Hace 5 años
Halry1 Hace 5 años
Slightly better than Dean Martins version but sucks in comparison to Billie Holiday's
NekoKingGodzilla Hace 5 años
I hate when people say this kind of music sucks when they think the stupid ass non sense music is good
Вася Иванов
Вася Иванов Hace 5 años
Что за хрень?! Это полнейшее говно!
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar Hace 5 años
Linda, como sempre
giovanna santos
giovanna santos Hace 5 años
que voz
JunkyBerry Hace 5 años
Gaga is so much better than Nicki and Katy 😜
bella mckissack
bella mckissack Hace 5 años
I'm a teenager, and I love this album. Her voice is perfect for jazz.
David Wiggins
David Wiggins Hace 5 años
I really do love all this new music she's putting out. It really does let me enjoy all aspects of lady gaga, from the exciting queen monster to the smooth jazz mistress.
Mike Casper
Mike Casper Hace 5 años
love is enough ;)
eddy wolfe
eddy wolfe Hace 5 años
The remix for this song is so good!
angela williams
angela williams Hace 5 años
Oh i love this
Jan Hillard
Jan Hillard Hace 5 años
well that was awesome!
Gabriel Carcamo
Gabriel Carcamo Hace 5 años
1.000.000 de visitas para todas las canciones de jazz de gaga
Giovanny Jimenez
Giovanny Jimenez Hace 5 años
voten por gaga
Joefrey Rosqueta
Joefrey Rosqueta Hace 5 años
-_- this is jazz not pop... pop culture is different.... i hoped you get my point
rodneywashington51 Hace 5 años
This is the worst! Clicks out of video, couldn't listen or watch anymore of this trash.
Javier Perez
Javier Perez Hace 5 años
Omg this is SO i'm breathless. -Madonna album.-... So bad. #Flop #Flop Poor FLOPGA
GrandmaOnTheToilet Hace 5 años
Its a cover. and she's been singing jazz before Madonna did. please back off.
Eldomaggio L4L
Eldomaggio L4L Hace 5 años
LOL!! It must just kill Gaga to know that Katy Perry was chosen for the 2015 Superbowl Halftime performer! Once again Katy SLAYS Gaga! But then Gaga no longer has any pull or power anymore!!
ANGELIKI Hace 5 años
Incredible ♡♡♡
Selton Felix
Selton Felix Hace 5 años
Diva no pop e no jazz >.
ANNISYA Hace 5 años
Alice Pfeiffer
Alice Pfeiffer Hace 5 años
Weddy Germanotta
Weddy Germanotta Hace 5 años
Queen Of Voice
Mahmoud Moukaddem
Mahmoud Moukaddem Hace 5 años
Just shut up
Arixziva Hace 5 años
These songs might be old, or Lady Gaga might not be the best singer for them (personally I love it), but songs have such a short period of fame, before new ones come along. When songs are revived by popular artist, it creates more interest in different music, and people like me, who normally don't pay attention to Jazz, but pay attention to Lady Gaga, they get a pleasant surprise
Adrians Reza
Adrians Reza Hace 5 años
wow this one great
puta mal nacida ,,,,, me gusta mas la gaga de antes
Komik Adam
Komik Adam Hace 5 años
80's Jazz perfect
pika txu
pika txu Hace 5 años
ça fait toujours plaisir d'entendre la voix puissante et très reconnaissable de gaga mais le jazz... désolé, c'est pas mon truc.
JULS A.A Hace 5 años
She can do anything she wants a real chingona!!! Bravo gaga
Evelynkatherynr Hace 5 años
Bob Gaudio did an amazing job on writing this song!
Matthew Galter
Matthew Galter Hace 5 años
Wow... just wow. Gaga is truly one of the greats and if u disagree then just take it up w the legendary Tony Bennett whom obviously is aware of, as Tony calls hear, "Lady's" incredible and supreme musical prowess and skill. These are obviously 2 people who are truly passionate about their craft and really mean the art they create; visionaries w intent and heart so sadly absent in a lot of todays music. Music needs u Gaga! So proud of u for u being u :-) u give me strength, hope, a new perspective, and motivation to continue my own music career and I will forever be indebted for the beautiful gifts u have given to me and everyone else through your music and the passion u put forth. There's a truth in you Gaga that I've just never seen in any other entertainer and I thank u so much for having the bravery to share it w me and the rest of the world. #cheektocheek #loveyougaga #ladygaga
Eldomaggio L4L
Eldomaggio L4L Hace 5 años
WOW!! Katy Perry's video views for "DARK HORSE" have also passed Gaga's video views for "bad romance"!! Plus "ROAR" is well on it's way to the 700 MILLION VIEWS mark!! Yasss Katy YAAASSSSSS!!
Jaqobo Oqampo
Jaqobo Oqampo Hace 5 años
The question is when katy perry gonna have more grammy's than Gaga ;)
Joefrey Rosqueta
Joefrey Rosqueta Hace 5 años
Well its not about the views its about on how u perform it... it means you need a lots of awards so the views are meaningless and u cant use views to make the award become meaningless... Lady Gaga is the best!
Hakeeem Hace 5 años
troll.. Justin Bieber has a way more than these views .. according to ur comment .. he is also better than Katy Perry :P
Riordan Pett
Riordan Pett Hace 5 años
Cheek To Cheek is $5.99 on Amazon MP3 for only a few more hours! Get buying! It is a sensational album! Honestly didn't think I'd agree with her doing jazz, but it's a change from her dance! Paws up babe!
Cunty Jackpot
Cunty Jackpot Hace 5 años
cheep to cheep
donkeycheeks Hace 5 años
Queen of Discount!!
Liza b
Liza b Hace 5 años
I like this part of Gaga 👏👏
Sidhant Khatri
Sidhant Khatri Hace 5 años
I can't even go through all the horrible comments.
Sidhant Khatri
Sidhant Khatri Hace 5 años
@ananya s Those so-called "normal" people don't appreciate good music.
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