Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams (VEVO Presents)

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Lady Gaga performing Sexxx Dreams live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

© 2013 Interscope

Hillary GD
Hillary GD Hace 2 días
3:30-4:00 🥵
Guilherme Martins
Guilherme Martins Hace 9 días
Hino injustiçado
Kyle McNamara
Kyle McNamara Hace 11 días
Had to use a vpn, why is this blocked in the uk? :(
carolyn bernet
carolyn bernet Hace 12 días
I love sexxx dreams I listen @sing @ sing @ dream @ sing with it I love it mucho. Thanks gaga. I love you so much. Thanks for humanity. I love you so much.
David Crisan
David Crisan Hace 14 días
I hope I’m gonna meet this star one day! 🙏🏽🤍
diego esquivel
diego esquivel Hace 16 días
Alan Navarrete
Alan Navarrete Hace 16 días
Someone knows if The guitar solo is a bita of another song?
USAFERG1776 Hace 18 días
We weren’t ready for ARTPOP Our minds weren’t ready to accept it. But they are now and it deserves all the credit in the world. Period.
Laís Palombo
Laís Palombo Hace 18 días
I'll never forgive humanity for underestimating Artpop.
Julian ZOU
Julian ZOU Hace 20 días
2020 anyone? Love this song so much💙
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Hace 22 días
Must have been a pretty good dream
Rambl3On Hace 23 días
People say the phrase “ahead of its time often” but ARTPOP really was! No one in pop in 2020 is doing anything as conceptual, artistic, or ambitious as this album......... oh wait, except for Gaga again with Chromatica!
Kybele Kordax
Kybele Kordax Hace 25 días
Lady Gaga's music, lyrics, the composition of music videos and her live performances are superb! Who else is enjoying her music, especially her album "Chromatica" in 2020?
Laudel Mahinay
Laudel Mahinay Hace 26 días
the VoCkeeeellSsss 🤧 eargasmiccccc
Bluebyrne Hace un mes
Hold on Is she singing about woman ?
Green Elephan
Green Elephan Hace un mes
Хуево на самом деле , быть темным иллюминатом . Из за такой крысы , страдают , куча людей . Часть Совета Миров не согласна.
Bad Nad2
Bad Nad2 Hace un mes
I was only 12 when this came out and I stayed up to watch it. I was obsessed. Still obsessed.
h hh
h hh Hace un mes
this. was. a. masterpiece. and still it is
Earl Joseph
Earl Joseph Hace un mes
so ahead of her time man
Ashley Dickerson
Ashley Dickerson Hace un mes
Last night working on an album
Love Girl
Love Girl Hace un mes
Superb 😍💋❤
Reaper Hace un mes
Sings like an angel!! She gives me chills. No one like her and never will be!!💋💘🎶🎸💕🙏😇😍😁🤗👑💪
Saul Peña
Saul Peña Hace un mes
This song has a little 80s vibe. Like today hits
Douae Baghdad
Douae Baghdad Hace un mes
So proud to be a little monster 😭
Maxianaconda Hace un mes
Vocals for days! Queen!
Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce Hace un mes
2020? 💓😍
Boaz Argaman
Boaz Argaman Hace un mes
love gaga. but to my taste she is not sexy enough for the overall package. Imagine Madonna performing this song omg 😍
Snap Private
Snap Private Hace un mes
Cleyton sagah
Cleyton sagah Hace 2 meses
art pop é sim um album incrível
Alexis Salvador
Alexis Salvador Hace 2 meses
Best song on Artpop
Alex Hace 2 meses
3:57 i love her voice over here that she adds with the "ooooooh hooooo"
Elizandra Rosangela Fuchs
Elizandra Rosangela Fuchs Hace 2 meses
😃 Q show!! 🔊🎼💃🕺🎶🎵
Victor Furtado
Victor Furtado Hace 2 meses
always love the face that dancer made 2:37
Gil Cardo
Gil Cardo Hace 2 meses
Despassa, Lady Gaga. Faz mal.
Rennata Hace 2 meses
marta minujin
Rafaela Lucas
Rafaela Lucas Hace 2 meses
God-tier pop
Christina Bogues
Christina Bogues Hace 2 meses
It true....till this day as we enter the pick of the millinume just be wise and make better desions. Its always good to love and make enjoyablable sex, they say learn and you will grow....super model sex. Stine*
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo Hace 2 meses
Amanda Balen looking hot AF the entire show.
Jonathan Posada
Jonathan Posada Hace 3 meses
I need a real little monster, where i can find the name of the dancers?
Andrew Versace
Andrew Versace Hace un mes
The Haus of Gaga
Júlia Menchén
Júlia Menchén Hace 3 meses
3:38 I LOOOVEEE her face in this moment is sooo cute🥺
v1rtual Hace 3 meses
how was this not a single chile...this is the best song on artpop
Traduzioni Italiane -e non solo-
Traduzioni Italiane -e non solo- Hace 3 meses
this is a sensual song, don't be vulgar! Lady Gaga's voice in this song is very sensual! She is sensual!😍😍😍😍😏
Jens Castro
Jens Castro Hace 3 meses
2020? Queen of pop 👑
Katty Keys
Katty Keys Hace 3 meses
Fav so far
Miguel ordu
Miguel ordu Hace 3 meses
Justice for ARTPOP😭😭😭❤
Lucy Govea
Lucy Govea Hace 3 meses
This song deserved to be a single
Kevin Quintero
Kevin Quintero Hace 3 meses
amo estoooo❤
saifu llah
saifu llah Hace 3 meses
saifu llah
saifu llah Hace 3 meses
v1rtual Hace 3 meses
this perfomance made sexxx dreams my favorite song on ARTPOP
edit dos famosos.
edit dos famosos. Hace 4 meses
Tudo pra mim😍😍😍
Mariana Bas
Mariana Bas Hace 4 meses
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson Hace 4 meses
I’m so proud of you
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Hace 4 meses
Who is that dancer next to gaga at the 2:38 mark? Beautiful!
William Olsen
William Olsen Hace 3 meses
David lei brandt
Viridiana Cervantes
Viridiana Cervantes Hace 4 meses
Mi inspiración ♥️
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson Hace 4 meses
I love it soooooooo much
بينك فلويد
بينك فلويد Hace 4 meses
2:37 he's hot! I suddenly had a sex dream while watching him
vanessa kookie
vanessa kookie Hace 5 meses
Like si lo Estas Viendo en 2020 jsjsj
Agustina Ochoa
Agustina Ochoa Hace 5 meses
like si este es el comerntario en español que estabas buscando
Febrian Wensen
Febrian Wensen Hace 5 meses
King- robux Fan
King- robux Fan Hace 5 meses
Ewwwww lady gagag
Ashley Bremner
Ashley Bremner Hace 5 meses
Im disappointed i wrote this album off when it came out. 7 Years later im loving it on a whole new level.
7668587 0
7668587 0 Hace 5 meses
right, i think i've got it....
7668587 0
7668587 0 Hace 5 meses
needn't be expensive, needn't be unfeasibly large; just needs to be positioned accurately
7668587 0
7668587 0 Hace 5 meses
there is a short-term solution; we could launch a solar shade....
7668587 0
7668587 0 Hace 5 meses
their agenda is the tolerance of absurdity by the insensible; my agenda is the survival of lifekind
7668587 0
7668587 0 Hace 5 meses
proceeding merely from the habits of perversity rather than any evidence based approach
7668587 0
7668587 0 Hace 5 meses
in defence of my position they are thick
Izabella Bánó
Izabella Bánó Hace 5 meses
..oh my..😒 it's not even a good song😒's all scattered. ..and basically it's just telling people to masturbate.. how creative🙈 ..I hope it feeds your souls.. (it won't.)
Lizbeth Isabel Sire Abrego
Lizbeth Isabel Sire Abrego Hace 5 meses
Enero de 2020? Ya escucharon stupid love? Yo aún no, esperare el lanzamiento oficial😬
fabry 06
fabry 06 Hace 5 meses
I love this fantastic artwork ❤❤❤💋
alan douglas
alan douglas Hace 5 meses
ARTPOP is Life! 2020 here!
veera elisa
veera elisa Hace 5 meses
Chris. r
Chris. r Hace 5 meses
Wanna meet at my place?
Piotr Rutkowski
Piotr Rutkowski Hace 6 meses
But please do not have Sexxx Dreams just tonight yet, okay? Happy New Year!
Piotr Rutkowski
Piotr Rutkowski Hace 6 meses
One of the undeniable goldies of the passing decade of the '10s! Celebrate today's New Year's Eve with this brilliant music and scream out loud!
Queen's Of Love
Queen's Of Love Hace 6 meses
Amo um hino ♡☆
Fabrizio Tular
Fabrizio Tular Hace 6 meses
2019? 😃👏
Lindsey Hace 6 meses
2:35 the guy with white tie is kinda hot
Jeremias Lopes
Jeremias Lopes Hace 6 meses
13 Questions In LOVE YET 👽
Sydney Flowers
Sydney Flowers Hace 7 meses
Been waiting for her to give me the address to her place for three years now........
R. NACHO Hace 7 meses
c.l. Hace 7 meses
Still love this
Hafidah Fauziah
Hafidah Fauziah Hace 7 meses
Sexx 1256
franco franco
franco franco Hace 7 meses
Artpop la mia favorita fantastica che musica 😍
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