Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 5: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Commentary)

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#VevoCertified Part 5: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Commentary)
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Frederick Estrella
Frederick Estrella Hace un mes
012hmYT Hace 3 meses
lady gaga with the glasses 3:52 looks like vocaloid's cyber diva :/ Cyber diva's face -----> its just the image.
Rusty Saberon
Rusty Saberon Hace 8 meses
I like that song
Chaz D
Chaz D Hace 11 meses
Lady Gaga, this is pretty cool to watch. Thank you.
Anna Hace un año
*dusts off the comment section*
Little Monster11
Little Monster11 Hace un año
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Davidmcev Hace un año
Like si lo estás buscando subtitulado en español y no encuentras nada :"(
John Columbus
John Columbus Hace un año
Full Hd Hace un año
0:35 omgg the chairs are almost the same
nat Hace un año
she looks sooo good
Vина Hace 2 años
Congrats for being most viewed April 2010 - November 2011
ganadorz el mejor
ganadorz el mejor Hace 2 años
Andy Fennell
Andy Fennell Hace 2 años
Gaga should've mentioned something about how a lot of the Little Monsters were buying Wii nunchucks without getting a Wii remote or even an actual Wii.
Ніколь шоу
Ніколь шоу Hace 2 años
I am brand women's want to piss in your W no the book of face you serious that any stores you know that you need to meet you clean some more so sick to be an allowance of this but I'm going to just please don't come in Belize with your niece Mia said the boy are you yelling
Henrique Sales
Henrique Sales Hace 2 años
She was very Lana del Gaga in this video
yourlittleplantbasedglitch Hace 2 años
Yas not giving away the diamonds secret :3
Bashfully Basher
Bashfully Basher Hace 2 años
3:36 the diamonds were done by using creativity, passion, & love
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace 2 años
12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 824 022 Views 12 512 Likes 432 Dislikes 537 Comments 12th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 892 890 Views 13 672 Likes 464 Dislikes 523 Comments
Albert Danielsson
Albert Danielsson Hace 2 años
kate olsen
kate olsen Hace 3 años
they will never tell us about the diamonds are they ? (crying out loud)
Daeren Hace 3 años
Please translation french !
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover Hace 3 años
"I'm not gonna tell you how the diamonds were done, I'm not lifting my skirt up completely" 😂
Yilver Germanotta
Yilver Germanotta Hace 3 años
Stanley Leszewski
Stanley Leszewski Hace 3 años
Nebunia din ziua de azi
Nebunia din ziua de azi Hace 3 años
Omg n how is She look
Vanossgaming fan klaryssa
Vanossgaming fan klaryssa Hace 3 años
talk about the Judas one please lady gaga and why did u die at the end. :-(
Cooper Hace 3 años
Bad Romance is easily the best video of the decade
Tii-schel 973
Tii-schel 973 Hace 3 años
I do not speak English but, i think understand the images, i think it's a sacrifice,i'm right ?
Zak Mik
Zak Mik Hace 3 años
No! no at all. you are not right. you are wrong
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace 3 años
12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 824 022 Views 12 512 Likes 432 Dislikes 537 Comments
Smurkle God
Smurkle God Hace 3 años
She already gave the diamonds away in the behind the scenes
Evil Soul
Evil Soul Hace 3 años
que mal que estes poseida por el diablo y no puedas salir de tu propia mente y te controlen
Underground Indie Movement
Underground Indie Movement Hace 3 años
UNLIKE MOST OTHER ARTISTS (who just sing a probable hit song written by others),, Gaga wrote her own, choreographed, imbibe a story and style behind each and every songs of her, it feels like every work is a masterpiece.....thats all i wanna say
Yasmim Hace 4 meses
@kate olsen Get over yourself, Gaga is involved in the creation of all of her videos, but in 2009 she had a one year carrer, is not lile she knew everything about the making of a music video. Her directorial debut came in marry the night, wich for me, is one of her best videos
kate olsen
kate olsen Hace 3 años
if she wrote the thing why did she hire a director ? and why does she have a creative team company ? and why her music and music videos became boring lately ? all singers love to take credit for everything
Ahmet Tanış
Ahmet Tanış Hace 3 años
lady gaga's best song
Daniel DeWolfe
Daniel DeWolfe Hace 3 años
I miss this beautifully natural face.
Raissa Souza
Raissa Souza Hace 3 años
alguém aki é brasileiro?
Cleomar Almeida Rodrigues
Cleomar Almeida Rodrigues Hace 3 años
Cleomar Almeida Rodrigues
Cleomar Almeida Rodrigues Hace 3 años
claro amigo e sou do para
森田淳一郎 Hace 3 años
Gaga why. CHEER UP😭😂
STuRM ZuFuHReN Hace 3 años
bomb bomb bomb bomb
Rhashaud Felix
Rhashaud Felix Hace 3 años
I'm an 11 year old and I've been a little monster since 2009 and I'll turn 12 on December the first!
Sofia Hace 3 años
This video is EPIC
Call Me Witcher
Call Me Witcher Hace 3 años
so sad she hasn't had a hit as big as bad romance, since 2009... i keep hoping with each album she will but no= ()
Vivian Darkbloom
Vivian Darkbloom Hace un año
Call Me Witcher how about born this way?
Gabriel Klinw
Gabriel Klinw Hace 3 años
Cyber3rElectr0 I have absolutely loved and stood by Gaga for years, and I always will. But lets face it. The goal of the last 3 years is to reinvent herself, make herself more appealing to the GP. And yes, it's something quite a few artists have been doing lately.
Gabriel Klinw
Gabriel Klinw Hace 3 años
Artpop had a lot of potential to create a massive hit, but was screwed over by people close to her which left her in shambles. I was hoping Joanne would bring this era of Gaga back. BUt it just feels like she's trying to reinvent herself now, like every-other big artist. Gaga had always rejected normality and went with the weird and quirky, but now she's just pushing herself into the group of every other large artist. I really want another bad romance, but I doubt we'll get it.
Ooku Roku
Ooku Roku Hace 3 años
well, bad romance is the biggest hit in modern music, that's almost impossible to top
ranzudezu Hace 3 años
I thought the Silent Hill Nurse's inspired the outfits and dance moves lol
ꪗꫀꪀꪀꪖ Hace 3 años
how did she do those diamonds wen she was still and they were in the air
JulioC GaytanA
JulioC GaytanA Hace 3 años
jay dashae green screen and cgi, watch the behind the scenes and you will see
AnthonyT50 Hace 3 años
I was surprised to see she has had considerable work done on her face. It looks like she has tried to soften her features. I thought she was pretty she just blends in with nothing striking about her.
Nicole Hace 3 años
at that time she had her wisdom teeth removed so her cheeks are more puffy than usual
David Morris
David Morris Hace 3 años
AnthonyT50 why fix something that isn't broken? i mean, her face was so pretty already so i don't get it
xman870096 Hace 3 años
?!?!........Uh sorry, but I don't get it.....
Kilam ThaGawd
Kilam ThaGawd Hace 3 años
Vevo Music
Vevo Music Hace 3 años
good :D
Damian Gomez
Damian Gomez Hace 4 años
I love you !!! You are amazing !!!!!!! Eres única gaga!!!
Frenchie Hace 4 años
4:46 and 4:49 boner alert!
HarleyQueen Plays
HarleyQueen Plays Hace 4 años
im so lost is the girl fiht brown hair lady gaga i dont no im lost!! 😰😨👻
Jhosua Vevo
Jhosua Vevo Hace 4 años
Vevo Gag
Vevo Gag Hace 4 años
jordan Mraktcoc
jordan Mraktcoc Hace 4 años
Ma plus grande idole lol
Hobing Hace 4 años
This is my all time favourite video of Gaga
Qveen_ Kayla
Qveen_ Kayla Hace 4 años
lol the diamonds were made from the celing. they were falling and they were going to edit it in later. lol I learned this from the making of bad romance video.
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino Hace 4 años
Are you lady gaga
DARK MEN Hace 4 años
Take care of business! Lady Gaga Bury open !
Jeri Larson
Jeri Larson Hace 4 años
i am watching this on 5/16/16; it is so inspiring still and i admire you forever for being ballzie enough to do it. the words and the dance and the costumes are all divine but especially the undercurrent of the message. so glad to see you rise above and surpass your past experiences and coming out the better person for it; strengeth is survival and you are an inspiration to that; my age group never spoke of the abuses but i saw it in your videos and decided then and there you are the one who speaks for me without even knowing each other. you are i n my heart and soul. gramma gg Jeri inks larson
Will Hace 4 años
gaga looks look different ;-; gaga plz go back to white hair and stars and no bangs....
David Madriz
David Madriz Hace 4 años
Francis Lawrence 😍
David Madriz
David Madriz Hace 4 años
Francis Lawrence 😍
War Thunder Is better
War Thunder Is better Hace 4 años
you killed man
Alison Victoria
Alison Victoria Hace 4 años
These are making me cry, they are worth 100m views
Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer Hace 4 años
Christ lady gaga is beautiful without a meat dress and metal all over her face
Saleem Hace 4 años
Lady gaga Trinidad 🇹🇹🇹🇹
Dominic Hace 4 años
She was cute in this video now she looks different which i don't like it
Tord G.
Tord G. Hace 3 años
Well who person is not in a give it up.
Kojj Hace 3 años
She cares ?
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino
Carol Gurrieri-Iaccino Hace 4 años
I know I am sad
CoCo Mousse Topic
CoCo Mousse Topic Hace 4 años
So many layers to this video it's cool to hear her explain it and see what was going through her mind at the time. She has turned into a fantastic artist
Mr Fashion
Mr Fashion Hace 4 años
The one and only LADY GAGA ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MiseryMiseryMisery Hace 4 años
Extremely important question: is the device being used at 3:14 a Wii Nunchuk Controller? This has been bothering me for years.
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera Hace 4 años
i hate those type of questions XD
Dawid Sokolowski
Dawid Sokolowski Hace 4 años
Andy Fennell
Andy Fennell Hace 4 años
その辺のふらんす人 - A Frenchie
その辺のふらんす人 - A Frenchie Hace 4 años
"I almost fell over. What was he thinking when he sent that to me". Right!? So even lady Gaga thinks her designers are crazy xD
Haru G
Haru G Hace 4 años
:') no hablaré inglés pero en serio Lady Gaga con Bad Romance me interesaste y te empeze a seguir eres como mi heroína mi dulce madre monstruo :')
The Great Premiere
The Great Premiere Hace 4 años
Lps Blossom
Lps Blossom Hace 3 años
are you lady Gaga 🐱
Marcus Kleber
Marcus Kleber Hace 3 años
Boladee's Network
mel Hace 3 años
Next Video for 1kk, go monsters! ♥ #Joanne
Junior :p
Junior :p Hace 3 años
+Golf dooo i am peruvian
Junior :p
Junior :p Hace 3 años
+Golf dooo hi
Aleh Cicilio
Aleh Cicilio Hace 4 años
i love this song
Ashley Vitória
Ashley Vitória Hace 4 años
Eu queria tanto entende, penna que não intendo e inglês!!!😊 mas para escutar a Lady eu queria Muito!!!!
Leonardo Lima Lopes
Leonardo Lima Lopes Hace 4 años
@Helder Ramon ;)
Helder Ramon
Helder Ramon Hace 4 años
+Leonardo Lima Lopes adoreiii
Leonardo Lima Lopes
Leonardo Lima Lopes Hace 4 años
+Canal Meck Oi, ela fala das referencias do clipe Bad Romance. Vou resumir, tá? Ela disse que o estilista (falecido já) Alexander McQueen mandou essas roupas incríveis e ela quis usar no vídeo. Ela pensava em varias coisas e contava pro Diretor, que ajudou ela criar tudo isso do jeito que ela queria. Ela fala que a história do clipe é essa galera que tá tentando vender ela para aqueles caras que estão sentados. Daí, ela diz que nessa parte ela dança toda poderosa para que um cara escolha ela para comprar pq depois ela irá fazer a vingança. Ela fala também que aprendeu a coreografia na noite anterior, pq muitas coisas estavam acontecendo com ela ao mesmo tempo. Enfim, ela conta que queima o cara lá na cama depois de ganhar o dinheiro dela e que ela ama a dança do final (que ela tá com a roupa vermelha). No final ela fala também que o cara que ela trabalhou nesse clipe também trabalhou com ela em G.U.Y. A mensagem do final é: quando pensamos em fazer esse vídeo, queríamos retratar nesse fundo branco a história de uma mulher que está presa, mas que era mais forte do que qualquer limitação imposta ao redor dela. ;)
Thư Anh
Thư Anh Hace 4 años
Monster Hanna
Monster Hanna Hace 4 años
I don't think we're ever gonna forget that choreography, same with Alejandro, Judas, and Applause. Almost every time I hear those songs, the choreography instantly comes to mind, and when it comes to Applause, I'm dancing around either for real,.or in my mind. Lady Gaga truly is a visionary and that's another thing I love about her. 💖
TheGlitterGuy Hace 4 años
The diamonds were the only thing I wanted to know about...
Nya Hace 4 años
Nya Hace 4 años
I remember how I learned that choreo :O
Lilly Borůvková
Lilly Borůvková Hace 4 años
tsteddyXD Hace 4 años
you could tell she was struggling talking about everything when it was all going so fast xD but
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