Lady Gaga - 911 (Audio)
Lady Gaga - A-YO (Live)
Kenneth Dela Cruz
Kenneth Dela Cruz Hace 3 horas
Title: Rain one me Lyrics: I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive
Carla Arrázola M.
Carla Arrázola M. Hace 3 horas
I justo can't describe how much i love this song and video.
Carla Arrázola M.
Carla Arrázola M. Hace 3 horas
I justo can't describe how much i love this song and video.
Wyatt Carlyle
Wyatt Carlyle Hace 3 horas
this is my favorite song on the album
TW MomoCherry
TW MomoCherry Hace 3 horas
me 5 yrs old : GAGA ULA LA~~~ RAMAMMA MA MA~~~<
Yonathan Asefaw
Yonathan Asefaw Hace 3 horas
This is beautiful, the song, the visuals, what more can you ask for?
ARYA GRS arya Hace 3 horas
Ava Lane
Ava Lane Hace 3 horas
I'm proud of myself because I put this on loop. 😎
mauricio cid monroy
mauricio cid monroy Hace 3 horas
portentosa rola
LeSpartaLeNeko Hace 3 horas
Anyone getting flashbacks to the lotus hotel scene in The Lightning Thief movie?
Troy Issa legend
Troy Issa legend Hace 3 horas
I was 3, 15 now, this song still go hard no cap.
mauricio cid monroy
mauricio cid monroy Hace 3 horas
poder musical
Olivier Hauata
Olivier Hauata Hace 3 horas
La mort est un passage.Nous l'entendons toujours,cette douleur car la lumière a peut-être son son a elle et que nous laissons a son contraire qui est la vie elle même.Traversante,nous menant tous notre propre danse a travers et nous disant merci au destin parce-que, au fond,comme nous pouvons le penser,il y'a une fin pour les deux.Je t'aime aussi gaga.
mauricio cid monroy
mauricio cid monroy Hace 3 horas
increible rolota,super
Hiro •-•
Hiro •-• Hace 3 horas
soy ese comentario español que buscabas 737
Wyrran 1518
Wyrran 1518 Hace 3 horas
I miss the Joanne era
BALENCIAGA ! Hace 3 horas
70 Million >>>> let’s get this to 100 million
Ed Lopez
Ed Lopez Hace 3 horas
Why Bradley why?! 😭😭😭
random girl
random girl Hace 3 horas
I listen to this song when it's raining lol and the rain stopped
HK 854 Foody
HK 854 Foody Hace 3 horas
I want this MV to have 9B more views
Cynic Mimic
Cynic Mimic Hace 3 horas
My name... is Dennis
Cristian Córdoba
Cristian Córdoba Hace 3 horas
One of her best songs ever indeed 💕
Andrzej Nobik
Andrzej Nobik Hace 3 horas
i hate you because i hate illuminati
That shy girl in class
That shy girl in class Hace 4 horas
They killed the dog too🤧
Kaio Piano
Kaio Piano Hace 4 horas
So good!
Andrzej Nobik
Andrzej Nobik Hace 4 horas
Lady Gaga I hate you beacuse you sold your soul to Satan and illuminati
Isabella Rivera Quinto
Isabella Rivera Quinto Hace 4 horas
I think lady gaga in the applause video was my gay Awakening. I was like 4 when u saw the music video......
しざくちゃんねる Hace 4 horas
I'm here for the song, for the pride and for the Jojo reference.
Mekah L
Mekah L Hace 4 horas
The beat is sick❤
Joshua Ratliff
Joshua Ratliff Hace 4 horas
Her voice was really high back then. It's a lot deeper/raspier now and she just has a lot more gravitas. You can definitely tell she's developed xD
Andrzej Nobik
Andrzej Nobik Hace 4 horas
Lady Gaga is with illuminati KILLUMINATI
Leza Islam
Leza Islam Hace 4 horas
imagine BP feat. BTS
Alejandro Hace 4 horas
Brendan Hernandez
Brendan Hernandez Hace 4 horas
kids in 2009: “wow she is weird, crazy and freaky” *us millennials not knowing this would be an iconic song of our generation in 10 years* our fashion queen 👑 ❤️
Henderallz Marquez
Henderallz Marquez Hace 4 horas
Solo falta 4 millones para los 100😍
Lida Barzola
Lida Barzola Hace 4 horas
Lady gaga soy tu fan
meme !!!!
meme !!!! Hace 4 horas
I can't get over ariana's verse i just love her part i love the whole song but ya know
더듬희 Hace 4 horas
와 영원하시네 ;;
Animebae Rayvynn
Animebae Rayvynn Hace 4 horas
They need to do more collabs
메리 Hace 4 horas
I really luv her lady gaga😂😂 She has been my model
night sorcerer
night sorcerer Hace 4 horas
This song never gets old and the video is ICONIC. I love you gaga since day one.
Jogly Araque
Jogly Araque Hace 4 horas
Gaga is art ♡
Ryan Chunت و
Ryan Chunت و Hace 4 horas
Stupid love makes me become smart
нян Кэт нян тэк
нян Кэт нян тэк Hace 4 horas
ROMENCE bad класс
Zoesledge Periodt
Zoesledge Periodt Hace 4 horas
Omg she looks so different in the vid and now good glow up
Matteo Fiorini
Matteo Fiorini Hace 4 horas
DatChef 502
DatChef 502 Hace 4 horas
This has that late 90s house vibe to it. I never thought I'd like anything with Ariana in it. I've always had mad respect for Gaga, though not really a fan.
Taliyah NY
Taliyah NY Hace 4 horas
her music videos have always been interesting and captivating to me 😂
Arno Hace 4 horas
Cyberpunk 2077 trailer 3:17
untrustjacob Hace 4 horas
youtube: “loon call: tremolo” and thank me later for those intro sounds😜
Blairwhite139 Hace 4 horas
It's funny to realise Eric from true blood was in here before the she became a hit
Hosam Daeish
Hosam Daeish Hace 4 horas
C S Hace 4 horas
Here I am 8 years later . This is a very anthem.... God save the queen...
AJATAR TV Hace 4 horas
i headr i dont support trump but atleast im alive haha lo lmfao
DeZmiraj Hace 4 horas
Still waiting for part 2 like 👁👄👁
Cherri Phelps
Cherri Phelps Hace 4 horas
Wow...this gives me chills! Gaga is amazing! 💖
XVX BB Hace 4 horas
Don Sharma
Don Sharma Hace 4 horas
lady gaga is the most amazing singer of the 21st bad shes insane..
Harrison Long
Harrison Long Hace 4 horas
1 Corinthians 6:9
Cristina Baretta
Cristina Baretta Hace 4 horas
When i see the music video: "MeRIcAA!!!" but also gaga and queen b have immaculate skin TAT
Meowstycal *
Meowstycal * Hace 4 horas
When Gaga goes "RAIN! ON! ME!" I feel it resonate in my core.
daeek siema co słychać
daeek siema co słychać Hace 4 horas
Dddd na to pytanie nie ma za co i jak tam leci do tego
Water Melon
Water Melon Hace 4 horas
Me: laying on bed Noone: Brain: oi remember this song?
aijosh1 Hace 4 horas
Lady Gaga Luce como una papa , gorda y vieja ..
immahit theworld
immahit theworld Hace 4 horas
Says who, the ugliest and pathetic guy I've seen today. Sit down boomer
daeek siema co słychać
daeek siema co słychać Hace 4 horas
Lfd i nie ma za co i tak jest to
Ju Lopesc
Ju Lopesc Hace 4 horas
8:16 the dude laughing I'm dead 😂
Puthi Enor
Puthi Enor Hace 4 horas
I used to be scared of this music video
Wajiha- Hace 3 horas
Ryan Chunت و
Ryan Chunت و Hace 5 horas
I only about 1 year old when this mv is made (If this mv is produced in 2006)
Roblox Bear
Roblox Bear Hace 5 horas
Sok serem lu lady Gaga 😑
Craig Conley
Craig Conley Hace 5 horas
One of the best half time of all time!!!!!
Camila Vieira
Camila Vieira Hace 5 horas
Ryan Chunت و
Ryan Chunت و Hace 5 horas
I hope there is a song that call “ Snow on me “
Zardoz Hace 5 horas
A really great song. Killer beat. Buut Madonna did this all wayyy better 30 years ago. To bad she's getting old.
Weliton da Silva
Weliton da Silva Hace 5 horas
Sempre tem um brasileiro bebendo uma cerveja e q não se lembra como veio parar por aqui
Davis cajs
Davis cajs Hace 5 horas
I never understood the song until I grew up
Ryan Chunت و
Ryan Chunت و Hace 5 horas
She is the cutest in this mv
Ryan Chunت و
Ryan Chunت و Hace 5 horas
Very country music
Craig Conley
Craig Conley Hace 5 horas
ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nennine1 Hace 5 horas
I cried and I cried and I cried some more. This song was the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard. This scene is worth it's weight in gold. WOW, I'm 66 and saw the second one with Barbara Streisand and Chris Christopherson. Oh and I cried at that one too. LOL But not like this one. Hugs from NC
Harith Azri
Harith Azri Hace 5 horas
2:16 that's how the beginner rapper style
Mary Jaramillo
Mary Jaramillo Hace 5 horas
Q linda pelicula bradey cooper y lady gaga los mejores
Ari Hace 5 horas
you can’t listen to this without feeling like dancing.
Katie Kat
Katie Kat Hace 5 horas
Today, this may not be rape...but it brought up memories from two years ago. My neighbor cornered me as i was cleaning out my car. He touched my butt and wouldn't let go, he pushed his hips against mine..... he tried to force me to kiss him.I called the cops and my parents told me not to go near the cops or even the door. They told the cops that i was just scared and that he got too close to me...its like nothing happened to me at all. They talked to me and said "well you were dressed like a hooker, maybe he didnt know it was you."
Mary Jaramillo
Mary Jaramillo Hace 5 horas
Desde Ecuador la mejor cancion
Beatriz Rocha
Beatriz Rocha Hace 5 horas
Suman Kumar Chanchal
Suman Kumar Chanchal Hace 5 horas
Love you Ariana...❤️
Rengie kago
Rengie kago Hace 5 horas
Yass Queen
Lucas Fonseca
Lucas Fonseca Hace 5 horas
i love that
gabi colli
gabi colli Hace 5 horas
*Drops some acid * Your reaction for the next 9 hours 0:13
ADashOfMark Hace 5 horas
actual footage of me in the shower GAGA DID THIS SONG I S2G 😭😍
agnostic atheism hdjsjf GH cj
agnostic atheism hdjsjf GH cj Hace 5 horas
Gamubi Hace 5 horas
Intro reminded me of George Micheals father figure
Rosangela Lourdes
Rosangela Lourdes Hace 5 horas
Ouvindo em 11/07/2020 em ITUIUTABA MG amooo
Scott Hilton
Scott Hilton Hace 5 horas
Super genius just acts crazy.............................
Jayson Hatton
Jayson Hatton Hace 5 horas
.SKARY 🌀🌀🌀
Scott Hilton
Scott Hilton Hace 5 horas
This might be another "Shallow"
Francisca Lourdes
Francisca Lourdes Hace 5 horas
lady gaga + ariana grande = salvando o pop
Jayson Hatton
Jayson Hatton Hace 5 horas
... pretty ...
ikigai Hace 5 horas
quand tu es obligé d'emballer de la merde avec des chorégraphies et des bitch...
Kelly Torres
Kelly Torres Hace 5 horas
Know a good manager, mami bear?
Renan Silva
Renan Silva Hace 5 horas
Alguém do Brasil
Suman Kumar Chanchal
Suman Kumar Chanchal Hace 5 horas
I hear this song because of Ariana Grande ❤️❤️